Porsche unveils fresh logo to mark 75 years

2023 marks an important milestone for Porsche, as it celebrates 75 years as a renowned manufacturer. In light of their transition towards electric vehicles, the company has undertaken a thoughtful update to its iconic crest logo. This redesign symbolizes Porsche’s commitment to embracing a new era of automotive innovation.

Ever since the debut of its inaugural vehicle, the 356, in 1948, Porsche has consistently showcased its emblematic crest on the front of each car manufactured in Stuttgart. The most recent rendition of the logo embraces a minimalistic approach, departing from the textured aesthetics of its predecessor. Although the general arrangement remains unaltered, the Stuttgart seal continues to hold its central position, now adorned with more noticeable black lettering.

The emblem remains divided into four distinct sections, drawing inspiration from the coat of arms of the Württemberg state in Germany, which encompasses Stuttgart as its capital. In the year 2023, notable updates have been made to the black and red banding of the badge, with the red sections now sporting a darker 3D honeycomb texture.

A slight redesign has been applied to the black deer antlers featured on the badge. These antlers now gracefully adorn a smooth gold background, replacing the textured surface found in the previous design. The overall aesthetic showcases a more subdued tone, with the gold surface sporting a darker hue in contrast to the previous badge’s more vibrant look.

In spite of these understated modifications, the crafting of Porsche’s new badge has been a three-year endeavor by the company’s design and marketing teams. Their objective was to preserve the essence of the original while achieving a more streamlined and refined appearance. Expect to encounter this refreshed emblem on upcoming Porsche models, such as the highly anticipated 992.2-generation 911, later in the year.

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