Tesla Leak exposes thousands of customer complaints on random acceleration and phantom braking

A German newspaper report highlights that Tesla has encountered a significant influx of customer complaints regarding issues linked to braking and acceleration.

Tesla data, totaling 100 gigabytes, was leaked to Handelsblatt by a whistleblower. The leaked data allegedly comprised around 4,000 complaints specifically concerning the self-driving functionalities of Tesla vehicles.

Dubbed the “Tesla files,” the leaked data encompassed more than just customer complaints; it contained sensitive information like customers’ bank details and various personal data. The data leak was characterized as “massive” by the data protection office in Brandenburg, where Tesla operates its factory, according to The Guardian.

Handelsblatt dedicated several months to analyzing the data, spanning from 2015 to 2022 and comprising over 23,000 files.

Handelsblatt discovered over 2,400 customer complaints of sudden acceleration in Tesla vehicles and approximately 1,500 complaints about braking issues, including 383 cases classified as “phantom braking.” The report also recorded around 1,000 crashes.

Handelsblatt traced the leak to a disgruntled former employee, identified as a “disgruntled former employee,” who had previously worked as a service technician for Tesla, as mentioned by a lawyer associated with the company.

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