Tesla unveils significant progress on Tesla Bot at shareholder meeting with new video update

Tesla has recently showcased updated footage of their Tesla Bots, revealing significant improvements in their performance and functionality. The latest version of these robots demonstrates enhanced movement, free from any stumbling problems, while also exhibiting skills like object recognition and item retrieval, indicating their readiness for practical use.

Elon Musk personally shared a newly compiled video during a recent shareholder meeting, highlighting the progress made by the Tesla Bot. Initially unveiled at last year’s AI Day event, the original prototype faced challenges with walking and performing manual tasks, but the latest presentation displayed notable improvements.

During the presentation, a stationary prototype, resembling the closer-to-production model, interacted with the audience through waving. The recent revelation showcases autonomous robots that share similarities with the prototype, enabling them to move independently.

In the video, significant advancements in the Tesla Bot project are showcased, such as motor torque control, environment mapping, AI training based on human movements, and object manipulation. Notably, the demonstration illustrates the AI’s ability to learn from human demonstrations by showing the Tesla Bot picking up objects from one container and placing them into another.

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