Tesla’s electric surge outpaces BMW, claiming the 2022 U.S. luxury crown

Tesla has officially surpassed BMW in vehicle registrations and claimed the top spot in the US luxury car market for 2022, as reported by Automotive News. This achievement marks a significant milestone for the electric vehicle manufacturer, which has been steadily increasing its market share in the luxury car segment over the past few years.

During 2022, Tesla registered 484,351 vehicles in the US, whereas BMW registered 327,929 vehicles. The figures indicate a 41% surge in Tesla’s vehicle registrations as compared to the previous year, while BMW witnessed a decline of 5.3%.

With 269,511 registrations, Mercedes-Benz came in a distant third after its German competitor, slightly ahead of Lexus’ total of 260,668. This outcome establishes Tesla’s commanding lead as the top luxury car brand in the US.

Several factors contribute to Tesla’s success, including the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, the company’s aggressive expansion strategy, and its innovative approach to automotive design and technology. With the recent launch of new models, such as the Model Y and Cybertruck, and the forthcoming next-generation vehicle set to be manufactured in Mexico, Tesla is poised to maintain its dominance in the US luxury car market for the foreseeable future.

Photo Credit: Tesla

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