2023 Lexus LC 500

We’ve had the opportunity to drive the 2023 Lexus LC500 on multiple occasions, and each time has been an absolute thrill. For the upcoming model year, the LC remains largely unchanged, except for the introduction of a new Cloudburst Gray exterior color option that replaces Smokey Granite. The LC500’s iconic design, which exudes passion and sophistication, is carried over from the previous year, as is its powerful V-8 engine that delivers a soulful sound and perfectly complements the car’s smooth and composed driving experience.


Finished in Cadmium Orange, the exterior of the 2023 Lexus LC500 coupe is striking and attention-grabbing. Its sleek and aerodynamic appearance is highlighted by sharp lines and aggressive curves, while the 20-inch split-spoke alloy wheels give the car a sporty edge. For an additional $9,570, the optional Dynamic Handling package comes equipped with adaptive variable suspension, four-wheel steering, and a limited-slip differential, all of which improve the car’s handling and driving performance.

Accented with Alcantara and carbon fiber, the black leather interior inside exudes luxury and sophistication. Offering a perfect driving position, the seats are not only comfortable but also supportive. The Mark Levinson Reference Surround Sound Audio System, which costs an additional $1,220, fills the cabin with high-quality audio, thanks to its crystal clear sound. The 10.3-inch infotainment display sits prominently on the center console, while the interior is packed with modern features, including Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and a host of advanced safety features. A beautiful blend of style, luxury, and performance, the 2023 Lexus LC500 coupe is sure to satisfy even the most discerning driver.


With an impressive performance that is both responsive and refined, the 2023 Lexus LC500 coupe stands out. Its Dynamic Handling package, which adds $9,570 to the price tag, enhances the vehicle’s handling abilities by incorporating rear-wheel steering, a variable-ratio steering rack, and active rear steering. These features contribute to the car’s agile and responsive feel, especially at high speeds. The steering is precise and communicative, which allows the driver to have a good sense of the car’s movement at all times.

Striking a great balance between sportiness and comfort, LC500’s suspension provides a smooth and comfortable ride while keeping the car stable and composed during hard cornering. Adaptive dampers adjust according to the driving mode selected, allowing for a more comfortable ride in Normal mode and a sportier, more responsive feel in Sport+ mode. LC500’s brakes impress too, providing ample stopping power and good pedal feel.

On the downside, the LC500’s V8 engine, while powerful, can feel sluggish in low rpm ranges, requiring higher revs to really get going. Additionally, the car’s heavy weight can make it feel less nimble and agile than some of its competitors in certain situations. Finally, the LC500’s fuel economy, while not terrible for a sports car, is not particularly impressive either, with EPA estimates of 16 mpg city, 25 mpg highway, and 19 mpg combined.

In general, the 2023 Lexus LC500 coupe provides a responsive and refined driving experience, with accurate steering and a well-balanced suspension system. Although it may not be the most agile sports car available, it manages its weight well and has excellent brakes. Nonetheless, prospective buyers should take note of the engine’s low rpm performance and the car’s subpar fuel economy.


In the luxury sports car segment, the 2023 Lexus LC500 coupe is up against some tough competition, including the renowned Porsche 911. The Porsche 911 boasts an iconic design and exceptional handling and performance. Its handling is razor-sharp, providing a thrilling driving experience with powerful engines. Moreover, the car’s interior is of high quality and has a great fit and finish. Nevertheless, the 911’s rear seats are quite cramped, and it is considerably more expensive compared to the LC500.

To rival the LC500, the BMW 8 Series boasts a lavish cabin complete with commodious and cozy seating. Its handling is equally remarkable, thanks to its sophisticated suspension and accurate steering. With a variety of high-performance engines, including a V8, the 8 Series delivers a thrilling acceleration experience. Nevertheless, the interior design is somewhat unremarkable, and its infotainment system is less intuitive than that of some other models, including the LC500.

Another vehicle that rivals the LC500 is the Audi R8. Known for its powerful engines, responsive handling, and all-wheel drive, the R8 offers a luxurious and well-designed interior, featuring high-quality materials throughout. Despite these advantages, the R8 is less practical than the LC500 due to limited cargo space and poor fuel economy. Additionally, it carries a higher price tag than the LC500.

When compared to its rivals, the LC500 distinguishes itself with a blend of elegance, opulence, and performance. Its cabin brims with modern amenities such as a 10.3-inch infotainment screen, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. Additionally, the LC500’s seats offer a comfortable and supportive driving position. The car’s handling finds a sweet spot between sportiness and comfort, with its brakes delivering ample stopping power. Although the LC500’s fuel economy is subpar and its low rpm performance is lackluster, it is more reasonably priced than some of its competitors, making it an exceptional value proposition in the luxury sports car market.


With an MSRP of $93,450, the 2023 Lexus LC500 we reviewed ended up costing a total of $106,885 after adding premium paint for $595, the HUD for $900, the Mark Levinson Audio System for $1,220, and the Dynamic Handling Package for a whopping $9,570.

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