10 life-changing tips for freelancers using their car for business

While the pandemic had encouraged a lot of Americans to start their own business when companies were forced to close their doors, not every professional has the opportunity of working from home. If your independent business requires frequent and extensive commuting, you want to make sure your car is equipped for the new challenges ahead. 

This article reviews the options for freelancers and independent professionals who travel to meet their clients or venues by car. If your profession requires a van to carry your equipment, chances are you can invest in a business van. However, if you still use your personal car for your own venture, here are some tips to help you make the most of it. 

#1. Make your business visible wherever you go

Freelancers have a tough time making their names known. So, it’s important to include self-promotional activities to be visible to your audience. If you frequently commute in urban areas, you may want to consider commercial vinyl car wraps to boast about your personal brand and share your contact details. Brand advertising on cars can be highly effective! After all, you never know who might see your vehicle. 

As a rule of thumb, freelancers and solo entrepreneurs use wrap advertising to share:

  • Their phone number or website
  • Their accreditations
  • Testimonials from happy clients
  • Logo or attention-catching image
  • A catchphrase

#2. Consider adjusting your car insurance

Your occupation can affect how much you pay for your car insurance. Some insurers provide quality insurance for individuals who use their cars for leisure and work. If you haven’t looked for a freelancer-friendly insurance package, you could be wasting money on premiums that don’t match your requirements. Self-employed drivers could insure their vehicle for as little as $148 a month. Additionally, as you drive for business purposes, your insurance cost is tax deductible. 

#3. Keep a clean set of clothes in the trunk

You never know what could happen. Perhaps, you need to check the oil and accidentally stain your shirt in the process. Or your coffee-on-the-go spills on your pants while you drive. When your car becomes part of your work routine, you need to be prepared for every eventuality. Stains can happen, and more importantly, they can happen on your way to meeting a new client. Keep a clean set of change clothes in the car so you can stay professional and presentable no matter what. 

#4. Have a phone mount

Your smartphone acts as a multi-purpose assistant as a freelancer. It can let you contact clients and check on your schedule. It can also become a workstation, GPS navigation, and website content management tool via different apps. Such a hard-working device deserves the best spot on your dashboard, inside a phone mount where you can check everything you need at a glance. 

You can also connect your phone to the bluetooth radio speaker so you can use voice commands to navigate through the function without taking your attention off the road. It will not only save you time in the long term but also hassle!

#5. Keep a dashcam 

The more you drive, the more you are exposed to potential dangers on the road. Unfortunately, freelancers are more at risk than many other professionals because they need to drive more frequently. Therefore, it is crucial to protect yourself and your vehicle. Being a safe driver is not enough to avoid a collision. You have no control over other vehicles on the road. However, a dashcam may provide practical support in the event of a car accident. You can use the footage to claim compensation for damage and protect your income. Car accident lawyers and insurers are keen to review dashcam footage to avoid unnecessary costs too.  

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