Tips for keeping your car affordable

Buying a car is a pretty expensive thing, we can all agree on that. But the true cost comes once you own it and have to operate it. Keeping a vehicle roadworthy costs a pretty penny in the long run, and not knowing how to handle the rising costs of regular maintenance catches a lot of drivers out. Don’t let yourself make the same mistake here; here are some tips for keeping your car affordable as time goes on. 


The interior of your car will take a hammering during your time driving the vehicle. As such, you should think about investing in interior covers and mats as soon as possible. Putting down floor mats you can easily brush off, as well as seat covers you just need to shake out, will protect the upholstery and make it last at least twice as long. You can also cover the steering wheel and even get protection for the dashboard – no coffee stains here please! 


Fuel is the number one costly element of owning a car, so the next best thing to do is ensure you’re always getting the best fuel price whenever you go. You can download apps to help keep track of the current prices in your area – it’s a good way to find a low price nearby that very few other people know about. And no matter how far off you go, you’ll be able to use these apps to your advantage. Stuck in the middle of nowhere on a road trip? Good news – the cheapest fuel is only a couple miles away! 


Buying replacement parts for your car can be a mean game. Taking your vehicle down to the mechanic’s shop can cost you three or four times the price you were expecting, and even trying to fix the car yourself can end up writing it off totally. But even if a mechanic has told you that there’s nothing they can do about the price, you’ve got the internet to rely on here. For example, you can look up the certain racing parts you need and check on the demand – some shops will have them cheaper than others and all it takes is a bit of research! 


Finally, always keep an eye on your tire pressure. The way your tires are inflated will affect how well your car runs, and whether or not your fuel really goes the extra mile. Even just a decrease of 2-3% in the overall pressure can cause fuel to last half as long! Save your money by being proactive; it might cost a bit of spare change to pump up every now and then, but it’ll keep the real funds in your bank account where they truly belong. 

If you’re starting to worry about the cost of owning a car, use little tips like these to give your bank account a break.

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