The Symptoms That Motorcycle Riders Ignore Way Too Often

You want to ensure that your motorcycle is kept in the best possible condition. Not only is it vital for your safety, but there are plenty of problems that can diminish the feeling of the ride, making it a lot less fun in the first place. Aside from the essential maintenance that your bike needs, you should also make sure that you know when it’s time to have a closer look. In particular, the following problems are some that a lot of riders ignore, but shouldn’t.


One of the most common issues with a motorcycle is that it’s tracking to one side. If you’re riding your bike and you have the experience of it pulling to one side, then you should check the wheel alignment as soon as possible. Provided it’s not just due to the groove of the road. Furthermore, if the wheels have spokes, make sure that none of them is broken, damaged, or loose. There are other issues that your mechanic might be able to spot if your wheels are fine, such as a loose steering head.


You might have noticed some difference in how your bike handles as of late, but if you’re able to keep control after a little adjustment, you might think it’s no big deal. However, handling issues tend to become worse over time and you don’t want them to become worse when you’re cruising at high speeds. If you’re experiencing high-effort steering, then check your tires first and foremost, since they’re the most common cause. Underinflation and uneven wear can affect your handling. If that’s not it, then take it to the mechanic.


Even if it looks like there’s only a little crack in the windshield, you shouldn’t ignore it. The bumps on the road and rumbles of the Even if it looks like there’s only a little crack in the windshield, you shouldn’t ignore it. The bumps on the road and rumbles of the engine can be enough to cause it to spread and grow, to the point that it can seriously affect your safety. Consider having a glass repair technician come out or even get a road glide windshield replacement. No one wants to deal with shattering glass when they’re out on a ride, that’s for sure.


You would think that any rider would be sure to check a braking problem as soon as they had the first sign of it. But a lot of riders will accept a tighter or loose brake than usual. The signs of a wearing brake on your bike should be noticed as soon as possible. Usually, it’s an issue with the brake cables or brake pads wearing out, as they naturally do. Replace your brake pads if they’re looking worn and, if that doesn’t fix it, avoid riding it until you can figure out what the issue is.

If you’re not willing to do the due diligence and invest in your bike when necessary, then you simply shouldn’t ride one. The potential risks are too great. Be a smart rider and know when your bike needs some attention.

Photo Credit: Andrea Piacquadio

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