Should you buy a small car?

When you look at some of the most popular cars in other parts of the world, small cars don’t often make the cut. It’s the big cars – the ones that climb mountains and manage off-road options – those are the ones that people choose. Families choose minivans that will fit the entire brood plus all of the cargo, and they’d be right to do so! But the thing is, smaller cars have their place. 

From understanding the top Superminis of 2022 to learning which cars are most compact for your household, you can choose to buy a small car. A smaller car can be better for the world but one thing that’s most important is that the small cars made today aren’t lightweight rides as they used to be. You want to have something with creature comforts and even a decade ago, smaller cars didn’t come with those. Now? Well, now we’re in 2022. We’re in the year that car manufacturers have seen that we want high tech comfort. We want to be driving lightly and that means knowing which of the smallest sets of wheels are right for you.

Should you buy a small car? Well, that’s a more personal choice. Do you want an elegant interior? What about leather seats? Small cars are packed with luxury alongside the technology on offer, and the tech you get depends exactly on which small car brand you have chosen. Below, we’ve got an infographic to tell you all about the 2022 superminis that will rock your world!

Infographic Design By Top Superminis of 2022

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