Why the world is becoming so obsessed with dirt bikes

Dirt biking was something only a handful of people pursued a few years ago. Today, though, it’s all the rage. You can hardly take a trip across the country without seeing trailers packed with bikes covered in mud. 

But what is the big draw? Why are so many people getting into the sport? Let’s take a look. 


Why do people love motocross so much? Primarily it is because it is something that the whole family can do. Kids love it, parents love it, and everyone gets a thrill out of it. 

In that sense, it’s a little bit like cycling – there’s a difficulty level that’s suitable for everyone. If you just want to gently ride around a dirt track, you can. If you want to do giant jumps over chasms, you can do that too, so long as you have the right motocross gear


It sounds strange to say that dirt biking is easier than street biking. After all, when you ride on the dirt, you’re navigating muddy pits and slippery tree roots. 

However, when you ride on the street, you’re not only dealing with terrain issues, but also other traffic and pedestrians. Many dirt bikers love the fact that they have the luxury of focusing on the ride itself, not what everyone else is doing. To them, that is true freedom. 


Dirt biking isn’t a solo pursuit. It’s a social sport. People who ride bikes at the weekend almost always find friendships in others. They form tight-knit communities with strong bonds and social support. 


Despite the fact that dirt bikes have motors, the activity of dirt biking itself still involves a lot of physical activity. You have to continually change your position on the bike to get around corners and climb steep hills. You also have to manage the shock coming through the handlebars, cushioning it so that you don’t wind up rattling your body. Balance is also an important element. After a day in the saddle, your abdominals and obliques will feel sore. 


Dirt biking is also a wonderful remedy to a lazy weekend. Bikes move fast – and so does the terrain – meaning that you constantly have to be on your toes, scanning your environment for hazards. You can’t afford to stop concentrating even for a split second. 

If you ride in a group, it increases the level of attention you need to give. Not only do you need to watch the terrain, but you also need to avoid crashing into fellow riders. 


Perhaps the biggest reason the world is becoming so obsessed with dirt bikes, though, is that they give them freedom. Once you have your own bike, you can travel dozens of miles, going wherever you like. 

Dirt bikes, in that sense, are a little bit like mountain bikes. Travelling on them means that you no longer have to pay attention to the rules of the road. 

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