Custom ideas for car detail maintenance

A car shouldn’t be defined by its age, but by its level of maintenance. 

From regular cleaning to touch-ups and polishes; each detail brings value to your driving experience. 

Before you bring out the calculator, there are so many ways that you can make adjustments to your car without breaking the bank. 

From the paint to refreshing the well-used carpets; if you are a fan of DIY and discovering new methods of doing things, car maintenance will open up a pandora’s box of possibilities.

Here are some solutions;


You can apply paint sealant yourself by applying a fine wax to your car’s exterior. However, for a longer-lasting more professional finish, clear car wrap is a paint protection finish that acts as a sealant to the paint, protecting it from stone chips, dirt, and fading that untreated car paint is exposed to. 

Once you have your car clear wrap applied, your paint will be protected, however, first and chips will still hit your car.

During the washing process, many car owners forget the polishing stage of the finish. Polishing your car gives it the glossing effect that will make it stand out from others. It also soothes over any small chips from the road. However, it does require a bit of elbow grease to complete. 

If you don’t quite see yourself hand polishing your car, bluffers do a great job – and can be quite fun too. 


As your car ages, cracks begin to show.

While you might just want to accept that these things happen. There are some things that you can do to breathe some life into its old features. 

Simple yet transformative ideas can be as little as dusting and hoovering. However, to maintain the car’s value and sleekness, you can add velour colorant or even relay the carpets. 

Velour colorant brings back the vibrancy of your carpet color, the velour texture adds more volume to the carpet to bring it back to life after the trampling of everyday use. 

Relaying a carpet in your car is more of a complex task. Your DIY skills and most importantly, patience, might not be up for the job. Detail specialists not only provide more customization options but will perfect the fine corners too. 


The finish on your wheels, the squeaks in the doors and trunk hinges. Those little things that come to irritate you yet remain unattended to. 

Keeping some lubricant in the car as part of your tool kit to grease the door and trunk hinges regularly will stop you from leaving this little task until it’s too late. For your wheels, it might take a little more time and money. 

The work that you do on the wheels depends on the age. Perhaps, all you need to do is a little dust and a polish. Another option is to repaint the alloys, or you can upgrade them. 

Upgrading your alloys could transform the look of your car. Before you think to get flashy, your alloys should match the look and feel of your car or they will look out of place. A similar style with a finish that matches the finish of your car paint will suffice. 

Car maintenance may feel like a tedious task, however, you’ll reap the rewards for your efforts. Simple little jobs to keep its cleanliness and overall appearance will mean that you not only enjoy your driving experience more but will result in less costly repairs in the long run. 

Photo Credit: Lamborghini

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