The dangers of being a nervous driver

People who love to drive will often consider their car an extension of themselves, but – and this may be hard to believe – some people just don’t enjoy driving. Even simple trips like going to the store can make them nervous, and longer journeys trigger even more anxiety. This is a problem for them and other people on the road. There are plenty of dangers associated with being a nervous driver, and if you don’t feel confident, here are some of the issues you could encounter. 


Feeling nervous behind the wheel means you do not think straight, and there is the risk that you make rash decisions whether you’re hitting 100 kph down the highway or coming up to an intersection. These decisions could put you and others (including any passengers) at risk. 

If you pull out at an intersection because you are worried about backing up traffic behind you, there is a significant risk of colliding with another vehicle, meaning you could get in trouble with the police and require an auto accident lawyer to help. 


Most people do not feel wholly confident after passing their driving test, but accepting this is all part of the process is the first step towards becoming confident with your driving ability. If you are nervous about driving a car, you might look for ways to avoid it, which means you do not learn everything you need to know about driving. 

No one is born knowing how to maneuver properly; this all comes with experience. The more you avoid getting behind the wheel, the less you learn about yourself and other drivers, and this means you may fall behind, failing to learn good driving habits that will make you a better driver. 


The most common fear for nervous drivers is attempting to navigate the highway or motorway. The number of cars there, combined with the high speeds can be overwhelming. But, this can also restrict your freedom. 

Rather than have the option to go wherever you want, whenever you want, you are stuck in one place. Of course, you can always get the bus or train, or even a taxi, but this is expensive and inconvenient. This means you might miss out on trips with friends and family, and you can quickly become a burden if you rely on others to take you places. 


Nervous driving could also damage your car. You can bump into other cars in parking lots, or put too much pressure on your brakes or gearbox and clutch. This can lead to significant repair costs. 

Owning a car is an expensive venture when you consider insurance and road tax. The last thing you want is to compound these costs with mechanic charges, and the more confident you are, the less money you need to spend. 


Getting behind the wheel at any time is like signing a contract. You must keep yourself and others safe on the road. If you or someone you know shows signs of nervous driving, you must find ways to change this, increase your confidence, and ensure safe driving wherever you need to go. 

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