The most iconic pickup trucks we’ve ever seen

The most iconic pickup trucks we've ever seen

You might not know this, but trucks regularly top the sales charts in the automotive industry. Here in America, they are particularly popular, largely down to the sheer versatility on offer. A pickup truck gives you lots of extra space to carry loads, and it usually lets you drive across different terrain as well.

Over the years, some of the most legendary cars have been pickup trucks. Today, we celebrate the trucks of old, looking at a few of the most iconic we have ever seen:


Some of the younger generations that grew up on racing video games may associate Chevrolet with its iconic Corvette sports car, but the brand has had its finger in the trucking pie for many years. They produced loads of highly popular pickups in their time, but the 1978 version of the C-10 is seen as one of the most iconic. It was modern for the era, providing the practicality of a pickup with a smaller and more sporty design. It was incredibly comfortable to drive, it looked amazing, and there’s no wonder it was such a huge hit for years to come.


The Dodge Ram is an absolute beast of a truck that burst onto the scene at the end of the nineties. It was lauded by experts for the space offered in the cabin, making it one of the most-used trucks for many years. The vehicle was so popular that you can still get classic Dodge truck parts for it with absolute ease. This is an extremely practical and solid truck that looks like it could take a beating and show no signs of wear and tear. Despite the lack of technology, many truck enthusiasts still prefer the 1999 Dodge Ram to the latest iteration in 2016.

1979 FORD F-150

The late seventies were a great time for truck lovers as you had the likes of the Chevrolet C-10 battling it out with the Ford F150. To be honest, even if you know nothing about trucks, you will probably have heard of the F150 before. It is one of the most iconic vehicles of all time, really setting the standard in the trucking class.

The rugged design and large wheels made this a versatile beast that could handle the road and any rougher terrain with consummate ease. It features a wide and spacious cab that paved the way for others to follow suit – like the Dodge Ram. 1979 wasn’t the first version of the F150 to hit the market, but it was what many consider the best. Generally, most trucks have been playing catchup ever since that first F150 came flying off the shelves.

Trucks are extremely enjoyable vehicles to buy and drive, and they also make excellent classic car purchases. If you can pick up any of the three models on this list, you have definitely got yourself a wise investment! There are plenty of other iconic trucks out there, but these options are the top ones that get truckers all over the world salivating with glee.

Photo Credit: Chevrolet

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