Mods that make your ride totally awesome

Car modding is a lot of fun. Not only does it improve the performance of your vehicle, it sometimes makes it look better too.

Which of the following mods will you be applying to your ride?


Is your car’s interior leaving a lot to be desired? If so, you might want to deck it out with an interior LED kit. Thanks to the properties of light emitting diodes, these mods are all the rage right now. They help to give your vehicle practically any aesthetic that you would like. LEDs add deep colors and beautiful moods to your cabin space. You can use them for ambient lighting in the footwells or as strip lighting around your dash and consoles.


Standard manufacturer seats are okay. But aftermarket options are in a different class. These covers wrap around your regular seating to give your vehicle a plusher, more refined look. Some use straps while others use elasticated cords built into the material, designed to fit your car’s OEM seats.


If you own an older vehicle, you may have a mount for a hood ornament. Mercedes and other brands used to include these on their vehicles. Some still do.

But you don’t have to make do with a generic hood mount. There are plenty of aftermarket options out there from which to choose. These range from the elegant to the downright humorous. They are a great way for you to personalize your ride and add a focal point that makes your vehicle unique.


Wheel lights look unbelievably cool. At night time, they almost give people the impression that your vehicle is floating along the street. Usually people go for neon colors, like pink or green. Some car modders also place the lights in the fender for a different effet. Either way, it helps to make your car look like a darting UFO.


Standard floor mats are purely functional. But you can upgrade yours into something more bespoke and personalized. Aftermarket versions not only protect your car’s interior from dirt, but they also look good at the same time.

If you don’t want to splash out on floor mats, you can make your own. Often, the versions that people make are even better than those offered by manufacturers and car brands.


Cheeky number plates help to add a touch of humor to your ride. There are all sorts of options, depending on what the authorities allow in your area. Check private number plates for sale to see how you could add a funny twist to your vehicle.


Most cars older than ten years come with regular fluorescent lights. They did the job, but compared to modern alternatives, they’re a little lackluster. Switching them out for modern headlights can totally change the appearance of your ride. LED technology is just so much more advanced than it used to be. You can also upgrade to technologies like high intensity discharge for even more performance on the road. Halogen headlights simply cannot compare right now. 


Racing stripes are one of those car upgrades that sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. It all depends on the character of the vehicle. Putting racing stripes on a Toyota Yaris doesn’t make much sense. But if you have a modified Audi TT, then it could work. 


The same goes for wraps. Wraps are a wonderful way to totally change the exterior of your vehicle and make it look however you want. If you don’t like the look, you can simply pull it off to reveal the original paintwork of the vehicle. It’s a great option for somebody who wants to mod their car and then sell it for the going market rate at a later date. 


You can also add a beautiful accent to your vehicle by giving it aftermarket windshield wipers. These add a touch of color to your vehicle and improve how cool it looks. Try to match the color of the wipers to other accents on your vehicle’s chassis and inside the cabin. This way, you will produce the greatest effect. 


Standard car grilles are great. But if you want to modify a car without looking tacky, you should opt for aftermarket versions. These usually feature more intricate and sophisticated patterns which can really improve the appearance of your vehicle’s front end. If you have a truck, grille upgrades look even better. Some vendors also create customized grills according to your design requirements. 

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