How to make your car stand the test of time

It used to be that a driver was lucky if their car would last longer than 100,000 miles. However, the situation today is very different. With better technology, fluoropolymer coatings, more advanced manufacturing, fluids, parts, and more keep cars on the road for longer. That been said, if you don’t pay attention and look after your car, it won’t last as long as it should. 

Let’s have a look at some of the top tips that could help you to keep your car on the road longer: 


By far the best way to help your car stand the test of time is to simply take better care of it. A regular service on your car can go a long way to helping it stay on the road longer. You can check well-known problem areas and often spot the signs of a bigger issue before they happen. 


There are many people who neglect these maintenance tasks or don’t realize they need to do them in the first place. Have a look at your owner’s manual to identify the recommended service schedule and try to follow it as much as you can. This will help your car to perform better and last longer. 


The majority of car owners have been in this situation, you start your engine and a strange light comes from the dashboard. If you are like other drivers, you may ignore it, and hope that it goes away, however, doing this could take years of the lifespan of your car. 

Every alert and warning light has a meaning and is there for a good reason. Some are there to remind you to buckle your belt or that you are low on gas. Other signals, however, could be an indication of major problems. Ther are many resources to help you find out the meaning of these problems. Most times, the best option is to take it to a trusted mechanic. 


Your engine is more than just a hunk of metal. They are a technical piece of equipment that contains delicate and sensitive parts. They rely on fluids such as transmission fluid, oil, and coolant in order to function well. If you don’t watch these levels or periodically change the filters, then these parts could face irreparable damage. 

Even if you follow a regular routine of maintenance for your car, you need to make sure you are still checking on your oil and other fuel levels regularly, especially if you are going on a long journey. It’s also best for you to check and change your filters while you are doing it, especially your in-cabin and engine air filter. Changing your filters and checking your fluids are simple tasks that don’t require much knowledge. 

These four tips will help you to make sure your car stands the test of time. Do you have any other tips that could help? Please share them in the comments below. 

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