8 signs that you need a new car

Whether you have had your current car for fifteen years or five years, some give up quicker than you might think. There are signs to look out for to know if you need a new car, some of which you may not have realized. If you are considering purchasing a new car and trying to weigh up whether it is necessary, here are the eight signs to look out for.


Persistent dashboard warnings may be a sign that your car is almost ready to give up. After you fix them and they switch off, they might keep coming back. It could be the oil pressure or traction control, which can all be fixed. But, if they keep occurring, it may prove that the issue with the car will continue to happen. Although it might be fixable, it may cost you more than you can afford. Thus, it may be more beneficial to sell the car and find something new. 

If you are unsure of the dashboard warning meanings, then click here to discover what the signs mean and what you need to do to fix them. Making certain that you have the contact information for an essential tow truck service will help ease your mind until you secure a new car, just in case you break down. From here, the priority should be acquiring a new vehicle, or having your current car seen to.


If regular breakdowns are occurring it may be a sign that buying a car and selling your current one is the next step. 

Every car on the road will need repair at some time. Breakdowns happen to almost everyone. One or two breakdowns is not a sign that you need to give up the car and find something new. Yet, consistent breakdowns that occur more often than normal might be. 

Breaking down and paying for your car to be fixed can be costly. If it continues to happen, these bills will soon add up and not be worth it. Instead, you can use the money to buy a newer and more reliable car. 


As well as breakdown, sudden occurrences that happen whilst driving the car may make you feel unsafe. 

For instance, your car may make a strange noise and be slow to start up. This may make you feel uneasy to drive, especially if you are driving somewhere busy or a long distance. If you feel this way, you can get it checked over. It may need a simple repair. But, if it continues to happen and you feel unsafe driving the car and taking it off of your driveway, then a new car may be in order. 


You may love your car and be oblivious of its dangers due to your bias. It’s normal to love your car, especially if it’s your prize possession. 

But, if others feel unsafe riding in your car then this could be a sign that it is time to give it up. They may not feel unsafe due to your driving, it may be the rattly dashboard, lack of mirrors, or cracked glass. If it is beyond repair and out of your control, it may be safer and more affordable to sell the car and buy a new one.

It can be hard parting with an old car that has served you well and hold many memories. But, for the safety of yourself and your passengers, it is essential to always feel safe when you are driving. 


Your current car may not be the reason you need a new one. It may be due to lifestyle changes, such as your finances, career, or home. You may relocate and be planning a family. Thus, your two-seater is no longer suitable. A newer and larger car will provide more space and reliability. 

If you know your lifestyle is soon to change and will require a different car, then this is a clear sign that a new car is necessary. No matter if you are upgrading or downgrading, a new car is a new car. 


You may have been driving around your car for a long time knowing that it has a bad history. It may have been involved in a crash and left the performance hindered. Or, it may have reduced the car’s life. 

Whatever happened to your car in the past, maybe affecting the way it is driving. Thus, a bad history may make you feel unsafe driving the car, or too many bad memories may put you off of the car overall. Either way, bad history, and a dark past may be a clear sign that an upgrade is due.


If your car has been involved in an accident or continues to break down, the insurance premium may increase each year. In the end, the insurance may be so costly that you cannot afford it. Thus, a newer car will bring down the cost of your insurance bill and make the car more affordable. 

Although the price of the insurance may slowly reduce, it may take some time for it to be affordable or reasonable again. It may be worth considering a new car straight away if you notice a dramatic increase in your insurance price. Otherwise, you may find yourself out of pocket in a couple of years and not be able to afford a new car as a replacement. 


All cars have a certain amount of miles they can reach before the performance starts to decline. It could be 75,000 miles or 200,000 miles. The more miles your car drives after its mileage limit, the more likely it is to break down or need repairs.

A common figure to look out for is 100,000 miles. Although some cars can do more, and others do less, the six-figure mileage mark on the odometer is a common number that signifies it is time for a new car. 

If you are wondering whether or not it is time to invest in a new car, then these signs might help you make up your mind. Whether your needs are for a more fuel-efficient car or you have noticed regular breakdowns, a new car might be just what you need to keep costs down and increase your safety on the road.

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