What to look for when buying a family car

If you are starting or extending your family then you might need to think about upgrading your car. You are not going to get very far with a 3 door convertible, changing to a family car doesn’t mean you have to opt for a less ‘flashy’ car, there are some great cars out there that look great and are practical at the same time like the range that andersonhonda.net has to offer. There are some things you should look out for when purchasing your family car, take a look at our guide below to help get you started.


The top priority for anyone is for your car to be safe, especially when there are children inside. The great thing here is that modern cars have an excellent track record for safety. If you want to be extra cautious check out the car’s manufacturing test where it should tell you the level of safety after a crash dummy test.


So you might be upgrading as you need a bigger car but it is important to establish how much space you actually need. If you have three children you might think a 5 seater car is sufficient enough, however you have to also take into account where buggies, suitcases and other necessities might fit in. Sometimes it is easier to opt for a 7 seater for the extra space, this also comes in handy when picking up your children’s friends or family days out with the grandparents.


When it comes to driving long distances with children in the car we all know how tiring and chaotic that can be. Buying a car that has built-in screens can be a real-life saver on those tiresome journeys. If you can afford it try and buy a car that allows you to watch different movies at the same time this will cause less arguments and hopefully let you all have a peaceful car journey.


When choosing your car check out its reviews to see if it is a reliable car or not. There is nothing more annoying than spending huge amounts on a car for it to require a lot of maintenance and repairs in a year’s time. The more reliable the car, often the insurance becomes cheaper.


Of course, when it comes to buying a new car you need to think about your budget. If you have a car that you need to sell you could consider part-exchanging it to help pay towards your new car. If you are on a tight budget there are many great second-hand cars you could buy, we think to be safe you should buy your second-hand cars from a dealer rather than a private seller. This way they would have been checked over and sometimes come with a warranty.

We think all these tips are great and when applied to your search you will find some great family cars. For safety tips when driving check out our 4 SIMPLE TIPS FOR EVERYDAY ROAD SAFETY.


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