Emergency items you should have for an off roading trip

Before you go on an off-roading trip, you will probably do maintenance on your vehicle. However, even when you properly prepare things can go wrong and your off-roading vehicle may break down. It may do so at the most inconvenient time. 

This means that you will be stuck wherever you are for a few hours or longer. When this happens you want to make sure that you are prepared. Here is a look at some of the things that you should have in your off-roading vehicle for emergencies.


 A Ham Radio is one piece of equipment that you need to have in your arsenal for emergencies. This radio will allow you to ask someone for help if you end up stranded in a remote place that has no cell phone signal.

There is no special licensing needed to operate a ham radio and it is not very expensive. You will also need an antenna that can be mounted on your vehicle so that you can get a good signal for the radio.


When you are going on an off-roading trip never pack just enough food and water for that day. You must think ahead about an emergency. Always pack enough water for at least three days and food for an extra day. 

Bearing in mind that the human body can only last for about three days without water in extreme heat.


Bringing a flashlight may be the last thing you think about especially when you only plan to do a short day trip. However, should your off-roading vehicle breakdown and you have to stay somewhere overnight having a flashlight will be a lifesaver. 

You definitely want to see where you are putting your feet at night and also see what is around you, especially if you are in an area that is prone to wildlife.


Always make sure that you pack a tent that is durable. If you break down and have to spend the night outdoors at least you will be somewhat comfortable.  

Always make sure that you have something that can use to light a fire, waterproof matches, and magnesium fire starters are all good choices.


If all else fails and you are unable to use your cell phone or even your radio, a road bike can come in handy. You can use your bike to go somewhere where you can get help a lot more quickly than if you had to walk.


Owning an off-roading vehicle is exciting. It is a vehicle that is designed for adventure. However, when you have an off-roading vehicle you must take supplies with you whenever you go on a trip.

Like all other vehicles, off-roading vehicles can and do breakdown. When this happens you need to be prepared. 

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