Responsible & safe driving – 5 irrefutable tips

The U.S. registers more than six million car accidents annually. This number is unfortunate, especially considering that these accidents are preventable. It is possible to reduce the number of road accidents to zero – if only everybody practiced safe and responsible driving habits. It starts with you. 

Here are five tips to help you stay safe on the road, according to a road accident attorney who has seen it all:

  1. Watch Your Speed 

Speeding is thrilling, but it can be fatal. To this end, excessive and inappropriate speeding is blamed for one in three fatalities from road accidents

Speeding makes it difficult to keep your car in control or evade obstacles such as cars and pedestrians. It also worsens the crash’s impact, as the damage will be greater because of the greater velocity. As such, it is advisable to avoid over-speeding, especially when you are driving in heavy traffic or bad conditions. You don’t have to get there fast – just get there. 

  1. Stay Attentive 

It is advisable to be one with your car when you are driving. The car is moving, and anything obstacles can jump in front of you from nowhere. You shouldn’t drive and read your messages or change the radio. As such, it is prudent to keep your eyes fixed on the road and ensure that your mind is clear and attentive. 

Drivers give into many distractions when driving. For example, it is not uncommon to see many drivers texting or calling while driving. However, whatever the cause, it will have to wait until you are off the road

  1. Never Drive While Impaired 

Virtually every alcohol advert warns its audiences against driving while drunk. There are two reasons for this. First: alcohol impairs your nerves and better judgment, making it difficult to operate heavy machinery such as cars. Second: drunk driving accounts for millions of car accidents every year. 

It is prudent to ask someone else to drive you home if you are drunk. This rule also applies to any other substance that can impair you physically or mentally. 

  1. Always Wear a Seatbelt 

The impact of a car accident can send your body flying, knocking it against objects inside and outside the car. A seatbelt works by keeping you grounded in case of an accident. To this end, wearing a seatbelt can minimize the accident’s impacts and reduce fatalities by up to 60%. To this end, it is recommendable (and a legal requirement) to wear your seatbelt before starting the car. 

5. Ensure Proper Car Maintenance 

A car needs to be in the best possible condition to perform optimally. For example, worn tires can reduce braking times – and increase the risk of an accident. The slightest problem with your car can significantly increase the risk of an accident. 

As such, it is advisable to ensure proper car maintenance. Car maintenance will help keep you safe on the road, keep your car looking new, and save you a lot of money down the road. 

Final Thoughts 

Responsible driving will increase every road user’s safety. As such, practice responsible driving and put these five tips into practice. 

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