4 simple tips for everyday road safety

Driving is among those things you learn in life, and then you easily slide into autopilot. This case would apply to you if you are in your 30s and began driving at the age of 16. 

Just like any other driver, the chances are high that you were more attentive during the test to acquire your license, but once it came out, all the cautiousness probably vanished.

You aren’t alone! But this isn’t any excuse to drive recklessly. A report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed that over 32,000 people and more than 2 million injuries each year are attributed to careless driving.

Here are a few road tips to keep you safe while on the road.


You know too well it is unlawful to use the phone while driving, but you do it anyway. While it appears like a quick peek at your social media, you are getting distracted, which increases your chances of causing an accident. 

If you have been using your phone severally and nothing happened, you can quickly get comfortable.

Whereas crashes may be rare, taking your concentration off the wheel and the road even for a second is enough to cause a severe accident. 

Accidents can happen anytime, even when you are careful on the road because another driver isn’t, so make sure to find an auto insurance broker near you to insure your car.


You probably fall into three of these kinds of drivers – those who wear the seat belt before starting a car, those who are ignorant of the seat belt, and the kind who skip the belt because they are supposedly running a quick errand. 

Whichever bracket you fall into, an accident can happen at any time, and keeping the belt on can save you a lot. The seat belt maintains you within the vehicle in case of a crash, helping you overcome the crash forces. 

Keeping the seat belt on reduces fatalities and injuries following an accident.


Drowsy driving is responsible for numerous accidents on the road. Sleep deprivation can adversely affect your driving. The challenge is that it can be hard for you to know when you are sleepy, so you need to watch out for signs discouraging you from driving.

While you may think you can push a little more to get to your destination, closing your eyelids in a moment is enough to cause a significant accident. Ensure that you have rested well enough before driving, especially if you will be driving for a long distance.


Don’t drink and drive would be an appropriate phrase here. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, alcohol impairs muscle coordination, reasoning, and thinking. But it doesn’t have to be entirely about drinking; other substances can affect your response time on the road too.

Substances such as marijuana can excite you to the extent of losing focus on the road. Additionally, various prescriptions or over-the-counter drugs can cause impairment. It is advisable to avoid driving if you are under any form of medication.

Sleep deprivation, drunk driving, and lack of safety measures are the significant causes of road accidents in recent years. Always follow all the necessary rules while on the road for your safety.

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