Do you want to work with cars? Becoming a vehicle inspector

Becoming a vehicle inspector and safety tester is not as straightforward as a lot of people imagine. You need to have a lot of experience in the industry and you must also meet various eligibility criteria. Nevertheless, if you are in a position to become a vehicle tester you should certainly take one of the inspection and safety training courses that are available and take your career to the next level. After all, there are many benefits associated with being able to carry out vehicle inspections. Below, we will take a look at why this is a good career choice for those who like cars, as well as some of the criteria that will be expected of you in this role.

Once you have passed the vehicle inspection training course and exam, you will instantly become much more employable. If you are looking for a new job, whether now or in the future, you will have a distinct advantage over other applicants. Not only will you be able to carry out vehicle inspections at the garage and, therefore, be of greater use, but the fact that you have achieved this accreditation shows how experienced you are in the industry. This is because you need to meet all of the following criteria to become a nominated tester…

  • An Authorised Examiner must nominate you
  • You need to be of good repute
  • You must have no unspent convictions for any criminal offenses that are linked with the motor trade or vehicle inspection testing scheme
  • You must have no unspent convictions for any criminal offenses that involve violence
  • You must have at least four years of full-time experience as a skilled mechanic
  • You must have a full current driving license for the vehicle classes you want to test

As you can see, the eligibility criteria is fairly strict. Therefore, if you have been accepted for such training courses it shows your experience in the industry as well. 

You will also get the opportunity to work on a whole host of vehicles, including old vintage vehicles and the latest models. You can take a look at for a better understanding of some of the best vehicles that are on the market at the moment.

You also need to consider the fact that vehicle inspections are always going to be in demand. If you think of how many cars there are in the country, and when you consider the fact that all of these cars require safety inspections and servicing every year, you can easily see how there is always going to be work available to you. This can make a massive difference to your career. It can give you the platform to make money as well. 

It is not difficult to see why becoming a vehicle tester is something you should consider. Not only will it enhance your CV, but you can provide a service that is always going to be needed.

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