6 signs you’re a true petrolhead

From classic car enthusiasts to modders and racers, there’s more than one type of petrolhead. If you’re fascinated by engines, devote a substantial amount of time to your car, and love nothing more than getting behind the wheel, you’re probably well on your way to making the cut. To make sure, take a look at these six signs you’re a true petrolhead:

1. You can identify a car by its sound

When you hear an engine revving or an exhaust screaming, most people duck for cover or block their ears. Instead, you’re more likely to be found reeling off the makes and models it could be. If you can identify a car solely by the sound it produces, there’s no doubt you’re a true petrolhead. 

2. You maintain your vehicle

All car owners should keep their vehicles well-maintained, but you rarely delegate the responsibility to someone else. Instead, you spend your time changing the oil, fitting Duramax head studs, or topping up the air in the tires. When it comes to car maintenance, there’s not much you don’t know, and it shows in the condition of your vehicle. 

3. People ask your advice

If you’re the first port of call when friends, family, or colleagues have a car problem, your status as a petrolhead is well-known. From deciding which model to buy to figuring out what’s wrong with an engine, you’re inundated with calls and messages from people who want to pick your brains and get your opinion. 

4. You top up with premium fuel

Non-petrolheads may wonder why anyone would pay extra for fuel, but you know exactly why premium fuel is worth the price. With a higher percentage of octane, you use premium fuel to enhance the performance of your car and to get the most out of its engine. 

5. You hate car lots

For most people, car lots are a convenient place to park your vehicle while you’re visiting a store or restaurant. For you, they’re a dangerous environment, filled with distracted drivers just waiting to ding your car, dent the bumper or scratch the paintwork. You’ve been known to circle a lot numerous times in order to find the ‘safest’ space and routinely park as far away from other vehicles as you can. 

6. You avoid gravel driveways

A gravel driveway can be a stunning addition to any property, but it’s not a top choice for auto lovers. When you drive on gravel, it’s easy for small stones to chip or scratch the bodywork of your vehicle, which is why you avoid them at all costs. In fact, you’d rather park on the road than risk taking your motor onto a gravel drive. 


So, the results are in; how did you do? If you can recognize yourself in four or more of these signs, you’re a guaranteed petrolhead. Just one or two? You’ve got potential but you’ll need to do a little more to cement your status as an ultimate petrolhead.

Photo Credit: Toyota

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