Finding the right car for you

The majority of people need a car for work or travel, but it can be hard to find the car that’s the right fit for you. There’s a lot you need to think about before you go spending out, and it can be an expensive mistake to make if you decide on the wrong car. Not everyone knows their stuff when it comes to automobiles, but you can learn what you need to be aware of.


First things first, you have a budget, and that extends to just more than the overall price of the car. You aren’t just paying to own the car, you need to consider the many expenses that will come with it.

Road tax is something every driver needs to pay if they want to be able to legally drive their vehicle on the streets, pretty important to consider if you’re going to be using this frequently!

Insurance is usually one of the most expensive costs to consider when it comes to buying your car, and it can vary depending on what car you buy. You can find out how much your insurance will come to by consulting your insurance company before you buy it. Note that your insurance cost will rise if there are any mishaps that they need to cover.

For those who will be using their car a lot, it’s important to consider how many miles per gallon their car will consume. This is how much money you’ll be spending on fuel. The higher the miles per gallon, the less you’ll need to refuel and spend to travel – this should be a high priority for people who travel a lot!

One more thing to consider is upkeep. If you’re interested in getting an older car, you should be concerned about how much it’s going to cost to maintain it. Not only will parts be rarer and more expensive, but your car might be much more likely to break down than newer cars, as they’re outdated.


Comfort is something everyone should be looking for in their car, but it becomes more important the more you’re going to be driving. If you need your car for driving long distances, you want to make sure you’re not dreading the commute. You’ll be cursing yourself when winter hits, and you have to sit in traffic in your cold and uncomfortable car!


What kind of person are you? Do you have a family? Do you frequently drive your friends around? Consider what you’re gaining with more seats in your vehicle, and prioritise what you find important!


Every car has its own emissions output, and some are going to be more eco-friendly than others. If you’re the type that cares a lot about the environment, you’re going to want to make sure that you buy a car that reflects that! Even if electric is out of your price range, hybrids and even less intensive cars are available for you.


There are sites online that you can use to look through cars and their specifications. This way you don’t have to go and browse locally to find the car of your choice. Dealerships like Tom Ahl CDJR sell used and new cars and let you look at different finance options, so making use of these can make it much easier to find the right car for you.


If you’re going for a used car, you can look into the historical records of it. There you can find previous damage or incidents that it’s been in, and it can help you determine whether the car is worth your money! Just because a car is driveable and road legal, doesn’t mean that the damage that has been done to it is minor or irreparable. If you’re planning to keep a car for a long time, you’ll want to look out for that!


Most dealerships let you test-drive a car before you buy it, which is great for getting a feel of it. You’ll get to test the comfort, the handling, and overall feel for the car – and some would argue those are the most important factors. This is advisable when buying any car. If you have the option to take it for a drive before you buy it, you should – don’t fall for a car’s fancy exterior.


Don’t trust your own judgement? Luckily there are professionals you can hire to go and inspect the car for you. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, they’re much more likely to find problems that you’ve missed – this is a great way to ensure a safe purchase.


With the internet being an almost unlimited library of knowledge, you can find out anything that you want to about the car you want, there will likely even be videos where you can see how it handles and drives. You don’t have to make any purchase blind, and checking in on these things can help you make the right decision.


Once you’ve found the car you like, don’t just settle for the first price tag you see. It’s highly likely that there are more cars of the same model on sale elsewhere, so shop around and find a price that better fits you!


Doing some market research will always be worth your while, and cars can be more than just a tool you use for travel. You may want to consider your car an investment. Not all cars appreciate value, but there are a lot of desirable classics that do. Look into price forecasts of the car that you’re interested in – you might be able to make your money back when you’re looking to switch.

Buying just any car that fits your price range won’t do, and every car has its own personality, so put some care and time into your purchase. It would be careless to make a rushed decision, only to get a vehicle that you don’t enjoy driving.

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