4 tips to become a greener driver

Driving isn’t widely regarded as one of the greener transport options, and yet the practice is a huge part of our daily lives. If you want to keep on driving and protect the planet at the same time, here are a few pointers you might like to consider.

1 . Proper car maintenance

To become a greener driver, your first focus should be vehicle maintenance. Ensure that your tires are always inflated to the correct level, as this can help to optimize your fuel economy. To help you, try using apps such as ‘Fobo Tire’, the app monitors your tire pressure around the clock, alerting you to make adjustments when necessary.

When you are choosing motor oil, choose a brand that is marked ‘energy conserving’, (in terms of API performance). It’s also important to check that your oxygen sensor is operating as it should. A malfunctioning sensor can negatively affect your gas mileage.

  1. Opt for electric

There are plenty of benefits to choosing an electric car for your next vehicle. Firstly, EV owners benefit from significantly reduced running costs. What’s more, electric vehicles are also less expensive to maintain, when compared to conventional vehicles. Of course, the main advantage to driving an EV is that you’ll be going-greener, because EVs produce zero emissions.

You can choose to use a renewable form of energy when you recharge and purchase from a manufacturer that prioritizes earth-friendly materials. Want something more exciting and less expensive? Why not opt for an e-bike? These are also very green and you can operate them using a special car battery charger.

  1. Perfect your driving habits

To become a more sustainable driver, one of the simplest options is to perfect your driving habits. You should avoid any aggressive driving or speeding, both waste gas, not to mention putting yourself and others in danger. Use the cruise control setting so that you can keep a constant speed if you are on the highway. As you lower the speed of your engine, remember to use your overdrive gears, to conserve gas and minimize wear and tear.

The following applications may come in handy to perfect your driving habits and access car safety tips:

DriveSmart: With the DriveSmart tool you can analyze and improve your driving. The app records info about your speed, braking, accelerations, and signals. DS puts your messages and calls on auto-response, to ensure you aren’t distracted on the roads.

Flo Driving Insights: With this application you can get insights and feedback on your driving, to help you to stay safe on the road. Using the feedback data, you might even be able to get a cheaper deal on your car insurance.

  1. Consider necessity

Driving is always convenient but not always necessary. If you have a conventional car, consider making only essential trips, and opting for walking the shorter distances. When you use a combination of transport options, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint, and potentially save some money along the way!

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