The most beneficial vehicles for business use

2020 has seen increasing numbers of companies investing in company vehicles. In the past, these were often seen as a perk. But with changes implemented into our day to day lives and standard operating procedures as a result of the coronavirus and Covid-19 pandemic, vehicles have become an essential for businesses of all shapes and sizes, operating across a whole host of industries. Let’s take a moment to see some of the different company vehicles that could prove most beneficial to a business right now and consider the reasoning why!


While the world was slowly switching to online retail and Ecommerce anyway, the coronavirus pandemic has seen this shift speed up significantly. Why? Well, people don’t want to spend time out and about in brick and mortar stores in the presence of strangers. If possible, they’d much rather order goods online from the comfort of their own home and have said goods delivered directly to the comfort of their own home. Businesses that previously sold only a few items online and had the bulk of their sales generating in store are seeing the tables turn and are dealing with an influx of online orders instead.

While sending parcels by national delivery services and couriers may have been fine before, it may now be more cost effective to invest in your own truck and to deliver parcels yourself – or have staff trained in driving heavy goods vehicles deliver them on your behalf to be specific. Of course, a truck is a huge investment, so if you are hoping that this change is temporary, you could look into renting a truck from a company like Flex Fleet.


A company car is also a great investment in this pandemic. Again, people are reluctant to spend time in the presence of strangers, as this increases your chances of contracting or spreading the virus. Public transport may advise for people to keep a two metre distance from one another, but during rush hour, this may not be possible and you may find yourself cramped in with others in your personal space.

A company car eliminates this issue. You or your staff can use it to comfortably get from A to B in your own little bubble. Not only is this ethically a good idea, but company cars for your staff can also reduce time staff may have to spend in isolation due to developing Covid symptoms and can significantly increase your company’s productivity!

These are just two examples of vehicles that could prove to be a really good investment for businesses during this pandemic. If you haven’t considered them before, it may well be time to give them a shot now! If in doubt, try rentals, as this gives you the chance to try out a particular vehicle for your company without the huge financial commitment straight off the bat!

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