How to drive carefully in snowy conditions

With the temperatures dropping and the likelihood of snow and ice increasing, the need to drive extra carefully on the road is more important than ever. To ensure your safety and that of the other drivers on the road, you need to take additional measures when driving in winter as it can be extremely challenging, especially if you are not feeling confident driving in such conditions. In this post, we are going to look at tips on how to drive carefully in snowy conditions to keep you safe on the road, help you feel more at ease behind the wheel and ensure you get to your destination calmly without any issues. 


Driving in snow and ice means there isn’t much grip from your tires on the road and any slight movement can cause you to swerve off course. Try to be smooth and gentle with the steering wheel, brakes, and accelerator to avoid losing control over the vehicle. Remember to use low revs and use a higher gear than normal. 


Ensure you leave plenty of space between you and the vehicle in front for a safe stopping distance. If the road is wet, leave double the stopping distance, if it’s snowy, leave triple the distance, and if it’s icy, leave even more space. When the road starts to get slippier, try to look ahead and think about what to do next. If you approach any turns, try to slow down before you reach it. Winter conditions can be more dangerous and can lead to accidents on the road. To avoid a claim for a car accident make sure to give your full attention to the road ahead. 


Driving in snow and ice means that sooner or later you may come across a slick spot and you may experience the car veering off into another direction from the way you want to go. Although this can be a horrible feeling, try to remain calm. Skids can be managed and you can regain control of the car. Avoid hitting the brakes, instead, keep your wheels pointed in the direction you want to go. 

For a front-wheel skid remember to ease off the gas and allow the front tires to regain traction. For a rear-wheel skid, turn the steering wheel to the same direction that the car is sliding. So if the car is going left, steer left, and right if the car is sliding to the right. Take your foot off the accelerator and don’t use the brakes. 


Having sunglasses in the car can help when driving in snowy conditions. Just because it’s snowy conditions doesn’t necessarily mean the sun isn’t out, and the winter sun can be more glaring than during the summer. As the sun is lower, wearing sunglasses can reduce the glare off the snow and other vehicles on the road. 

If you do find yourself driving in snow and ice this winter, remember to take extra measures to ensure safety for you and others.

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