5 car disasters that are not crashes and what to do about them

For many people, their car is the most treasured item they own. They may use it every day and take great pride in their appearance or performance. There is no doubt that when accidents do happen with a precious vehicle, it can feel disastrous but remember there is always a solution even if it doesn’t seem evident at the time. Here are a few common car disasters and what to do about them.


If your car is scrupulously clean, it can make your toes curl to even think about paint spilling in the interior of your car. But the truth is this does happen. Paint tins are not always completely reliable and if they have tipped with a turn in the road can leak everywhere. Paint causes damage to almost every surface inside the car, whether it is upholstered seats or even the floor. At first glance, it might look like the car is unrecoverable, but this expert advice about spilled paint in your car proves that even the worst-case scenario paint spills can be cleaned up.


Cars are often a prime target for vandals. Their clean surfaces make an ideal target for spray paint. However, spray paint can be removed from most substances, including cars. Other ways your car can be vandalized include being scratched with keys or having your tyres gouged. If your car is vandalized, you must contact your local police station and let them know. Police reports may be necessary for insurance claims, and if there has been a spate of vandalism in your area, the police may even be able to track down a perpetrator and avoid future damage. 


We have all known the odd item to roll out our grocery bags when we are transferring them from the car to the house. If you spot it at the time, it is no hassle at all. However, if food is left inside the car and begins to go off, it can create a terrible lingering smell. Rotten milk is incredibly off-putting. First try to find the source of the stink, remove and dispose of it. Then deal with the smell. A car air freshener can help but for particularity bad smells, using baking soda or even charcoal can help absorb the smell. If you can, ventilate the car by parking it in your garage and leaving the doors and windows open. 


If you get a chip in your windscreen, do not delay in calling in the professionals to help. A chip can develop into a crack and result in a whole screen needing to be replaced if not treated quickly and carefully. Ask around for recommendations from neighbours and friends in your area. A trusted repairer can give you an accurate estimate of the cost of repairs and ensure the integrity of your windscreen quickly. 

Remember, if an accident has happened to your vehicle, it will likely have happened to someone else’s too. Look online for advice or ask a car mechanic if they know a solution to your trouble. 

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