Exploring the UK by car

When visiting the UK, a lot of people only tend to think about London. However, why not rent a luxury car and explore some delights you may not have heard about? Here are some suggestions:


Aldershot is situated in an urban area and is commonly known as the “Home of the British Army”. The town is a lovely place and has a lot to offer; Wellington Shopping Centre, pubs, churches, local shops, and places to eat. 

As Aldershot has a strong connection to the British army it is only right that you visit the Aldershot Military Museum. The museum was built in 1984 and is the last surviving brick-built barrack left in the town. You will have a spectacular time as you witness what life was like long ago in Aldershot. The museum is open every day from 10.00 a.m. until 5.00 p.m. and you will be pleased to know it is also extremely cheap; adults admission costs a mere two pounds, and children’s tickets are only one pound.

Another museum that is well worth the visit whilst in Aldershot is Jane Austen’s House Museum. The 17th-century house is the last home the literary genius lived in. Austen wrote various famous novels, such as Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility. You can view Jane’s drawing room, which is the room where she wrote her work, as well as various other rooms of great interest. 

Keeping in theme with the best of British history, about ten minutes away from the town centre there is a stunning pub alluding to the unique history of the 17th century. The pub is over four hundred years old and has tradition in abundance.

If you are looking for a friendly place to eat with great food then look no further, their Nelson’s Burger and Nelson’s Pie are extremely popular, however, they also sell Fillets of Sea Bass, Duck Breast, and Game and Red Wine Pie, amongst other tasty treats. So sit back, relax, soak in the tradition, sip on some fine wine, and enjoy a delicious meal.


If you are visiting Kent then you are certainly in for a massive treat as the Garden of England offers a whole lot to see and do. The places to visit are endless so let’s get straight to it…


Leeds Castle has been the home to royalty for almost nine hundred years now and it is very much a stunning sight. Located in the core of Kent it displays magnificent views and stunning gardens and landscape. There is a wealth of history behind the castle and you can learn all about this when you visit.


Canterbury is a gorgeous area and is home to the famous Canterbury Cathedral. The town itself has gorgeous little cobbled streets and traditional shops and a lovely little river from which you can go on a river tour. No wonder so many people visit Canterbury year after year!


Ramsgate entails a glistening marina as well as a sandy beach and on a sunny day, it is simply heavenly. Yes, the sun does shine in the UK, so you’ll need some good sunglasses before you leave! There are websites that make this easy, mailing it in for you so you receive your sunglasses to your front door before your trip. The house and villages surrounding the area are beautifully picturesque with a wealth of Georgian buildings on display. This is the perfect location to bask in the sunshine with a refreshing drink and relax as you watch the world go by.


The White Cliffs of Dover are iconic and famous worldwide for a reason – they are magnificent. If you can I would highly recommend visiting them in person as you will literally be blown away by the breathtaking views on offer.


Finally, if you want a fresh seaside area and a little paddle in the sea then Margate is the place for you. Enjoy fish and chips as you walk along the beautiful sandy golden beach and take in the charm on offer.


The market town of Kendal in Cumbria is also known as the auld grey town. This is because of its magnificent grey limestone buildings that are found all over the area. It is what makes Kendal stand out more than anything else. 

If you are staying in Kendal for one night or more then you will obviously need somewhere to stay, the Riverside Hotel is popular. The hotel has a car parking facility so you will have somewhere to park your rented vehicle. The hotel is in a peaceful and relaxing location, so you can enjoy the harmony it has to offer.

The Riverside Hotel also possesses an element of luxury and you will certainly enjoy your stay there, there are also a lot of facilities available for guests to enjoy. These include a gym, steam room, sauna, and a relatively big indoor swimming pool. 

If you want to experience the history and heritage that Kendal has to offer then there is only one place for it and that is the Kendal Museum which is in fact one of the oldest museums in the whole of England. It is home to a fantastic assortment of unique archaeological and history compilations.

In addition to this, you can get further involved with the history of the auld grey town by participating in the workshops, exhibitions, and other events that the museum offers on a regular basis. The best thing about the museum is that not only does it offer loads of interesting things to see, but it offers these absolutely free of charge. 


If you are visiting Chorley then you have to go to The Railway which is a stunning restaurant not too far away. It has an elegant charm to it and is the most relaxing place to eat and enjoy the fabulous food on offer. Despite the personality of the place being relaxed the food is still of the highest standard which creates the perfect balance and ambience.

The staff are also great and always greet you with a friendly smile and a quality service. The food on offer represents the Lancashire area and this is what you want when visiting somewhere new. Local and fresh ingredients are used to their full potential and the meals truly reflect that.

Make sure you leave room for dessert as I would certainly recommend trying their delicious sticky toffee pudding. The final excellent thing about the restaurant is that it caters well to kids and you won’t feel out of place bring your children with you.

Three miles away from Chorley is the Camelot Theme Park. It will take you back to the days of great knights or transport you to a land of magic and adventure. It really is the most excellent place to take your family if you are visiting the area. If you book your tickets online you can in fact receive over a fifteen percent discount so I would advise you to go to their website and book your tickets on there. The only problem is that the theme park closes in the winter so if you are visiting during the winter months you won’t be able to enjoy the magic of Camelot. 


If you are visiting Broxburn then you are in for a treat because it is a great place with lots of lovely things to see and do nearby. However, if you have not organised your trip fully yet then there are a couple of things to consider before you make your way to the lovely location in Scotland. Have you sorted a place to stay? If not, don’t worry; simply check yourself into the beautiful Macdonald Houston House.

The hotel is rated at four stars and has a high reputation. The stunning building is gorgeous alone, and the hotel has a wealth of facilities, such as; an indoor swimming pool, a steam room, a solarium, and a gym, amongst several other things. The price of staying there is also reasonably cheap, so that is another great added bonus.

Whilst staying in Broxburn I would recommend taking a visit to the House of the Binns. Butter merchant, Thomas Dalyell, built this picturesque and awe-worthy house in the early sixteen hundreds, between 1612 and 1630 to be precise. It has been home to the same family since then.

The house’s beauty is not something which can be underestimated; it is literally a joy to view and a treat to the eye. You will witness the early seventeenth-century architecture in Scotland and see how it has transformed over the years with the different innovations that have occurred. There is so much to see, do, and marvel over, especially the gardens outside and the stunning views viewable from the rooms in the house.

To go to the House of the Binns if you have children with you there are an array of different family tickets on offer. There is also parking available on site so you won’t have to worry about finding anywhere to park your car.

So there you have it: the full guide to exploring the UK in style with a luxury vehicle hire!

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