Top tips for first time drivers

Becoming a driver is by no means an easy process. You’re going to have to take a whole lot of lessons to pick up a whole new skill set. You’re going to have to learn how to operate a vehicle. You’re going to have to know how to take to the roads safely. You’re going to have to learn the highway code and how to read signs. You’re going to have to learn how to fill your tank, maintain your car and much more. This is a lot to take on and while you may learn a lot of this in your driving lessons, there are a few top tips that can help you in your journey too. Here are a few that could help you along the way!


This, of course, is easier said than done. Driving for the first time can be an extremely daunting activity. You’re unfamiliar with the roads. You’re unfamiliar with a vehicle. You’re in a whole new setting being given a whole new host of information to take on board and responsibilities to upkeep. But it’s important to have confidence when you’re driving. There’s no reason not to.

If you’re constantly worried, you’re more likely to hesitate and make mistakes, such as stalling your vehicle. But just put a learner or “just passed” plate on your car and people will act kindly. As you gain more experience, your confidence will grow. Just getting behind the wheel of a car on a regular basis and driving on real roads and facing real life situations will help to hone your skills. Practice makes perfect and you’ll eventually make a great driver.


Of course, there is always that chance that an incident could occur on the roads. No matter how good a driver you may be yourself, you can’t always count on others to drive in a responsible manner. Plus, there are external factors that could come into account, such as animals running into the road, objects rolling or falling into the road or bad weather conditions. While we hope you never find yourself in a road incident, you do need to know what to do if you are in one – just in case.

First and foremost, you need to stop. It’s your responsibility to ensure that everyone involved is safe and well. If you or anyone else involved needs medical assistance, call for it. If not, take insurance details. This will help you to make an insurance claim and will also be useful information for your lawyer at Georgia Auto Law if you need to create a case or claim compensation. Pull over in a safe place following this if you are in shock and need to compose yourself before getting back to your journey.


You could have a brand new car in seemingly perfect condition. But there is always the potential that problems with your car will arise. So, you need to make sure that you’re fully prepared for this situation. Generally speaking, having roadside recovery insurance is the easiest and most effective way of doing this. If you break down or experience other issues, you can call out professionals to put wrongs to rights. But even with roadside recovery insurance, there are still a few things you should have in your car, just in case. Here are a few to consider.

A First Aid Kit

This is the first and most important thing you should store in your car. While it’s not a legal requirement to have a first aid kit in your car in most countries, it’s a truly sensible thing to do. If you do find yourself in an incident, you’ll be fully prepared to treat minor injuries. This could include the prevention of infection of cuts, removal of debris from the eyes, or fast treatment of minor burns.

Jump Leads

Jump leads are a common tool to have in your vehicle. They are essentially thick, electrical cables, with metal clips at either end. They can be used in collaboration with another car to jump start your engine when you get a flat battery.

Emergency Warning Triangle

Every vehicle should have an emergency warning triangle. An emergency warning triangle is basically a reflective orange or red equilateral triangle measuring around 600 millimeters in size. This can be placed 200m behind a broken down vehicle or an incident to warn other road users of a static vehicle ahead.

Sure, driving for the first time can be daunting. But these simple pieces of information and steps should help you to feel much more comfortable in the driver’s seat!

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