Top features to look for in a cargo van

If you’re looking for a cargo vehicle, then you likely haul around a lot of gear for personal or professional reasons. You might also carry people with you, so you’ll want a safe van that will stand the test of time. If you’re not sure where to start looking, then this guide can help you. Find out the top features to look for so that you get the cargo fan that makes your life easier, rather than having buyer’s remorse.


Look for a built-in security alarm system that will help protect your vehicle against theft, as well as break-ins. That’s especially important if you have expensive equipment in the vehicle, sometimes overnight, and don’t want to have to replace it.

An alarm is a great deterrent. If a thief sets off the alarm while trying to enter your new ride, they are likely to flee the scene rather than stay and try to take the items inside. You might hear the alarm and come to the scene, or others in the area will hear it. That’s much better than leaving your van vulnerable to theft if you didn’t have the security device.   

Another great safety feature is the FlexiCargo load-through bulkhead in A New Vauxhall Vivaro Sportive Success Story You’ll Never Believe. If you’re hauling around heavy, big items, such as equipment or tools, or if you have a lot of different supplies, then you’ll appreciate a Flex Cargo system.

The Vauxhall Vivaro Sportive’s bulkhead helps to keep your items in place for a safer ride. Avoid the potential dangers of shifting cargo, especially if you must stop suddenly.

The Vivaro Sportive also has front fog lamps to improve your vision when driving in foggy conditions. That’s important if you are driving throughout the year and can’t stop for thick fog. There are driver and passenger airbags, as well, in the Sportive for the protection of all occupants.

Finally, look for a cargo van with rain-sensing windshield wipers. This modern safety technology automatically keeps the windshield clear in bad weather, which can help you see clearly when there’s a downpour on a dark highway or elsewhere.


Choose a roomy van with plenty of walk-in room to make it easy to get in and out of the van, both for you as the driver and for any passengers. Look for an interior with plenty of legroom too, no matter what row the person is sitting in. A medium-size van can provide that for you, while still being easy to park.

Comfortably getting inside of the cargo van and exiting it too is faster when you have nearside and offside sliding side-access doors, so that makes sense when you have a time-sensitive job or want to be as efficient as possible. Plus, look for a van with a fully adjustable driver seat, especially if you often drive or for long stretches at a time, so that you can find a comfy position that makes the ride more enjoyable.

You’ll likely also want a vehicle that includes air conditioning so that no one is uncomfortable on long rides if it’s a hot day outside. Everyone inside the van can enjoy the cool air, and simply turn it off when you’re not in the mood for the factory-installed A/C.

Consider having a van with a few luxuries, especially since you’ll likely spend long days in a work van.


Check that the amount of seating you require is available. Some vans allow for extra seating, as well as the option to take away a row when needed. These flexible options increase the utility of the vehicle.

Getting a van with rear parking sensors too makes sense. These special sensors alert you when backing up that there is an obstacle close behind the cargo van so that you can stop before hitting it. When you are parking in tight spaces a lot or find it difficult to judge distances behind you, this accessory is very useful. Preventing an accident is never a bad thing!

A touchscreen on the dashboard is also great to have in a van. Simply press the color display to play music using Bluetooth streaming from your smartphone, see a map for your destination, place a phone call, and more. When you’re driving, having these capabilities quickly within reach is handy, especially if you’re going to a destination you’ve never been to before.

Also convenient are one touch power windows. Easily roll the window fully up or fully down by just pressing a button. That’s easier than having to hold the switch all the way down or up, which explains why this power window system has quickly gained popularity.


Another feature to look for in a cargo van is good gas mileage. This means that your vehicle consumes less gar for a longer distance per mile.

When you have a fuel-efficient vehicle, then you know you will be able to have a lower gas bill, and those savings are ones you can apply to other parts of your business or to a family holiday. A point to keep in mind as a driver is that most automobiles get better gas mileage on highways than regular roads. You’ll also want to avoid speeding as that can be terrible for fuel economy.


Once you find the van you like the best, then you have to figure out how to pay for it. While you might be able to pay all at once, most people will look for financing options.

Find a flexible solution that fits within your budget and allows you to get the vehicle promptly. Spacing out payments can help you secure the dream vehicle without needing a big down payment.


The features above are ones to look for when shopping for a new cargo van. Find the one that has the safety features and other “must” items for you, whether you are driving alone or with others, and whether it’s for business or personal use. Find the model you want, and look forward to the drives ahead.

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