3 key safety tips for first-time drivers

Finally getting your driver’s license is a massive step towards the freedom that you have always craved. Now, you can drive yourself to school or work, head to the store when you need to, and pick your buddies up from their houses when they need it. If you really want to embrace freedom, you can go on a road trip, as long as you can take time off.

However, even though you’ve passed your test doesn’t mean that your driving education is over just yet. In fact, many would consider it something that is only just beginning. Now you are trusted to drive on the road and highway, you’ve got to make sure that you drive safely. 


Comfort is a huge thing when it comes to driving, and it’s something that you will recognize as soon as you get into the vehicle. 

You must make sure your seat is in the right position and that you aren’t leaning too far back or too far forward. Getting your posture and position spot on before you go anywhere will save you from fiddling with it while you are driving, and that puts you and other drivers at risk of an accident. 

You should also consider the angle of the mirrors so you can see everything you need to without needing to strain your neck every time. 


Nervous drivers are dangerous drivers, and it only takes one slight mistake to throw you entirely off your game. Furthermore, panicky drivers are irrational, and it could make the situation worse. 

Imagine you get into an accident and then drive off without exchanging information. Not only is it cowardly and irresponsible, but it will also make everything worse for you. It’s now easy for victims to locate hit and run driver culprits to bring those responsible to justice, so it’s best for you that you face up to your mistakes on the spot. 


Distractions always affect your driving, even if you convince yourself that they won’t be a big deal. The most likely distraction is your cell phone, so keep that out of sight and out of reach, unless you’re using it for directions. 

Even if you are using your phone’s map, mount it to your windscreen so you cannot check messages or change songs. If you find yourself too easily distracted, keep the radio volume down, and ask any passengers to be quiet when you feel that you need to concentrate harder than usual. It may sound harsh, but it will save you from making mistakes that could put everyone in the vehicle in danger. 


Before going anywhere, you should make sure that you are comfortable, calm your nerves, and are free from distractions. Other aspects make up a safe journey, but these are arguably the three key points. Ensuring that you remember these every single time you get into your car, you will guarantee that your journeys are safe and secure.

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