How to prepare for your next road trip

We all like to have a road trip on the horizon. For some of us, this might be a relaxing weekend break, for others it might be a drive to the beach, or to hike a forest trail, family in tow. Having road trips on the calendar gives us something to look forward to, and by planning them in it gives us the opportunity to make sure that it all runs smoothly on the day. It helps to plan ahead, and today we are sharing with you a few tips about how to prepare for your next road trip.


Check when the car was last serviced before embarking on a long trip. If it has been some time, it might be worth booking it in prior to your trip so that you can be confident that it has been thoroughly checked over.

Service or not, you will want to go over the basics before leaving, such as your water and oil levels and tyre pressure. It seems obvious, but filling up with gas in advance helps as you might not know when you will encounter a gas station on your route.


It is useful to take a few minutes to plan your route before you set off. This will enable you to check whether there are any scheduled road works that might slow you down or your can plan to avoid them. You might also want to look out for rest stops along the way or places of interest that might be fun to stop at to stretch your legs and get a bite to eat.


Everyone has those essentials that make a road trip all the more enjoyable. It might be snacks, audiobooks, music or pillows for passengers. If you are traveling with young children, they will probably benefit from some road trip entertainment and activities and they will need their car seats safely secured. 

Think about how long you are likely to be traveling for and at what times. You might need to pack lunches or drinks if you would rather not stop.

Finally, pack in anything that you will need when you reach your destination. This could be anything from luggage to a blanket for the beach to your hiking boots. Check and double check that you have everything before setting off on that long trip.


Whilst we do not like to think that something could go wrong on our road trip, it is always worth packing the car with everything that you need to stay safe. 

Refreshments are always useful, as is a first aid kit. In colder weather, ensure that you have a warm blanket and appropriate shoes in case you need to seek assistance. 

Of course, we all want to avoid those winter car accidents so do check the weather forecast ahead of your trip and reschedule or alter your route if need be.

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