Why does your weekly car clean really cost you 2+ hours?

There’s nothing wrong with going above and beyond to keep your car shining at all times. Given that maintaining cleanliness is typically fundamental to a longer vehicle life, many would even argue that it’s a vital aspect of ownership. This, paired with the fact that your car says a lot about you, may mean that you spend upwards of 2+ hours a week just trying to maintain a well-buffed shine. 

When you’re spending this long on cleaning alone, you have to ask yourself the fundamental question of whether it’s worth your while. Cleaning is essential, yes, but don’t you think that 2+ hours when you’re already pushed for time is a little much?

Regardless, it’s a mistake countless car owners make. In reality, though, your need to spend such long periods on this could be down to little more than a few fundamental mistakes. And, to cut cleaning time in half or more, we’re going to consider them here. 


A failure to clean as you go is a rookie mistake, and this alone could be behind your extensive cleaning timeframes. Dirt and grime which has built over a week is always going to take much longer to get rid of than muck you wipe daily. What’s more, dirt that stays put can pose higher risks to healthy paintwork.

As you can guess, the solution here is simple. Instead of embarking on mammoth cleaning tasks, make an effort to complete a quick clean daily. Something as simple as a two-minute spruce to remove the worst of the dirt or rubbish means that an entire clean at the end of the week should take no longer than half an hour or so.


Too many of us also try to tackle cleaning by ourselves. There’s no need for this and, guess what? It’s sure to set you back a great deal. Of course, a trip to the garage or car wash can set you back even further as you wait. Instead, you want to consider help that can genuinely save you time like the mobile car detailing service offered by SoFlo. Simply booking a slot for services like these could see someone coming straight to your door for a complete detailing service that guarantees your car is as good as new, all without your dedicating any time to the task.


Lastly, it’s worth considering whether inefficient cleaning methods are behind your lengthy car cleaning processes. After all, an improper clean is guaranteed to need further attention far sooner than one that’s handled properly. Something simple, like a failure to tackle interiors and exteriors, could be to blame here. Or, you may be using the wrong chemicals and waxes for the job. Either way, doing your research and switching where necessary could see you saving as much as an hour on this task each time. It’s a sure way to make your car look much better when you’re finished, too!

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