Sun, sea, and car damage? Care tips you can’t do without during a move abroad

Not too long ago, we discussed the ins and outs of living and driving abroad. Life in the sun might be calling to you, but understanding how you can get around in your new life is fundamental to guarantee that you settle. 

Seeking the correct paperwork and understanding a new set of rules for the road should, of course, be top priorities. But, even once you start settling, it’s worth considering the best ways to keep your car in top condition. 

If you’re moving from a colder climate, especially, you may be surprised to find that the sun can blister paintwork as severely as it does your skin. Unfortunately, a simple layer of sunscreen isn’t going to preserve or protect your car. Instead, you’ll want to consider fundamental care pointers like the following to preserve life, and appearance, despite your tropical undertaking. 

# 1 – Invest in a coating

You mightn’t have paid attention to coatings in the past, given that mild conditions allow you to preserve your vehicle to some extent regardless. But, now that your trusted car is about to face sun exposure like never before, a Ceramic Pro coating should be a priority. As well as adding a fantastic shine that takes your vehicle’s appearance up a gear, coats like these work wonders for protecting against the potentially harmful paint oxidation that excessive UV exposure can cause. 

# 2 – Seek indoor parking spots

Indoor parking spots are a benefit rather than a necessity in mild climates, but a hotter setting is a different story. When you move for sun, sand, and beaches, you need indoor parking spaces, at least when you’re at home. Suddenly, your garage will become fundamental to your car preservation journey. You’ll certainly feel the sting from leaving it exposed on the pavement! Even where garages aren’t available, building some form of car shelter could see you lengthening that lifespan far more than you could ever imagine. 

# 3 – Cover your windows

It’s worth noting, too, that interiors are also at risk where UV is concerned. This is especially the case with luxury leather, which will soon become grainy and faded if you don’t consider protection here, as well. Of course, parking indoors can help to prevent issues here too, but you’ll also need to consider interior protection when you’re out and about. Window tinting is by far your best bet here, as it provides unbeaten UV protection that you can take with you. Failing that, don’t hesitate to seek cheaper alternatives like removable sun shades, and be sure to always park in the shade wherever possible. 

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