Automatics vs manual cars: What’s the difference?

Buying a car is not an easy thing to do. Some of us need it for our commute to work. Where we rely on it to get us from one point to another. We may need it for the family, such as it being a certain size of having extra seat combinations. Maybe a big boot is your priority or one that is decent on fuel consumption. One thing you may not give too much thought to is the gearbox side of things. Manual or automatic? Do you have a preference. Here are some of the things to consider between the two types of gearboxes. Hopefully it may help you to make a decision on that in the future. 


An automatic gearbox in a vehicle may have once been seen as “lazy driving” but it is in fact becoming more popular when it comes to vehicle purchases. We are seeing a huge increase with people wanting to purchase vehicles with automatic gearboxes, especially models that are slightly larger, for ease of driving. Some people are even thinking about converting their current vehicles, and installing a zf transmission to the vehicle to give them the benefit of the automatic gearbox driving style.

A vehicle that has an automatic gearbox can often be seen as a more expensive purchase initially, but they can also hold their value. While more people are being open-minded to auto gearboxes, there are still not as many on the road. This tends to help when it comes to resale value as they may be more in demand but hard to purchase second hand in good condition. 


There is no denying that the manual gearbox will still often be the gearbox of choice when it comes to buying a new vehicle. Many people initially learn to drive in a manual car, and only choose automatic if they are struggling with the concept of a decent gear changes. A manual gearbox can be a more economical choice, as you are choosing as and when your gears are being changed, rather than the engine doing it at the optimal time.

It is a long standing fact that automatics will consume more fuel than a manual. You will also argue that when you purchase a manual vehicle, you get to experience actual driving. This can be especially important if you are buying a performance vehicle, as they manual gear changes can be just as part of the thrill as driving the car. 


To conclude, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to deciding which would be the best gearbox to have when it comes to a vehicle purchase. It should be decided on how you feel when driving the car, and what sort of time you may be spending in it. If the vehicle is being purchased for work, for example, and you will spend a large chunk of your time driving, then an automatic gearbox can be an easier option and less tiring. But a car that isn’t being used too often or for shorter trips may benefit from the cost effectiveness of a manual. Work out what you want and need from the car and base your decision on that, as there are pros and cons to both types of gearbox. 

Let’s hope this helps you make a more informed decision in the future. 

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