4 ways you can add a bit of your personality to your motor

When it comes to certain things we own, there always seems to be an element of customization. The item or object we have often serves a purpose, and then it’s no longer needed, so we don’t really need to do anything else with it. We like to stand out, though, don’t we? We don’t like the idea of our thing looking like everyone else’s. We need to make it clear that we’re a completely separate entity with our own style.

That certainly applies to our cars. Sure, some people like just to keep everything as is, but the vast majority of us need to shake things up – even if it’s just a little bit. We can’t go scooting around in a car that somebody else used to own without marking our territory on it!

Obviously, most of us aren’t qualified mechanics, paint-sprayers, or interiors specialists, so we’re not going to be able to make massive changes with ease. We can get the experts to help us, however. We can also make small changes that make a big difference. Let’s quickly run through some things we can do to really add pieces of ourselves to our rides.  


The colour of the exterior is a pretty big deal. You know this already, though. You need a car, so the chances are, if you’re not rolling in money, that you picked the best possible option financially and logistically. As much as you probably would’ve liked a different colour, it probably didn’t matter too much at the time. Surely you can’t go driving around in a car that you’re unhappy with now, though? You may as well head over to your local paint shop and tell them exactly what you want them to do. A big change like this can alter your entire mood regarding your car.


Another significant and noticeable part of the car is the area that you sit in. You COULD keep the original, boring design you have now, but if you want to add a piece of your mind and persona to it all, then custom seat covers can do the trick. They can go from unfashionable to classy in a matter of minutes! 


A lot of people like to come up with creative plates in order to add that extra bit of uniqueness to it. Yes, some people come up with cringe-worthy and strange stuff, but the majority are sensible! Lots of families like to have the same number plates – it can be sort of a traditional thing. If you’re interested in changing your normal code to something different that you can get a personalized DVLA number plate sorted quickly online. It’ll cost a little, but if you’re up for this kind of thing, then it would be worth it.


Finally, there is a way you can make your mark and stamp your authority down without spending or soliciting help. You can simply rejig everything. Every car owner has a set way of doing things, and not one person has an identical layout to the next. A lot of a car’s interior is immovable, obviously, but the variables can be moved around to suit you!


Photo Credit: Acura

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