Don’t let the cost of motoring drive you round the bend

Is the cost of motoring driving you round the bend?

Are you forever weeping into your wallet because your running costs have steered you towards financial despair?

While you could consider swapping your four-wheeled joy for the cheaper two-wheeled alternative (by which we mean a bicycle rather than a motorbike), you might also consider the money-saving tips that we have for you in this article.

Here are our money-saving tips for two of your motoring expenses.

Motoring Expense #1: Your car insurance

You need car insurance – you are breaking the law without it – but you don’t need to pay over the odds on your premium.

– Shop around insurance companies when it comes time for your renewal. If you can get the coverage you need for a cheaper price, go for it! Alternatively, let your insurer know about the reduced rates you have found, and they might lower your premium to keep you as a customer.

– Pay for your car insurance annually instead of monthly. While the lump sum will put a dent in your finances in the short term, this usually works out cheaper, as some insurers add a charge for direct debit payments.

– Remember to drive safely. When you have a clean driving record, your insurer will see you as less of a risk. They might then reduce your premium when it comes time to renew. You can also prove your safe driver credentials by installing a telematics device in your car. This will monitor certain aspects of your driving, such as your braking and cornering, and provided you have performed well; you should get a discount from your insurer. Contact your insurance company to find out more.

– Improve your car’s security. By adding a security system to your car, you are reducing the risk of theft. You will also reduce your insurance premium, as security is one of the many aspects that insurers take into consideration when putting your car into a car insurance group.

Motoring Expense #2: The price of fuel

You won’t get very far if you don’t keep your car topped up, but thankfully, there are ways to curb the expense.

– Don’t use your car so often. If you can use your legs instead of your wheels once in a while, you will do both your health and bank balance a favor.

– Keep safety in mind while driving. Not only will you reduce the chances of an accident or a speeding fine, but you will also consume less fuel when you’re driving sensibly. Follow these fuel-efficient driving techniques when you’re out on the road.

– Download one of these fuel-saving apps to your phone. By helping you find the cheapest gas stations and giving you guidance for planning shorter routes on your travels, you will make regular savings on both short and long trips.


The cost of motoring is high, but by following our suggestions, you can reduce two of your most common expenses. Let us know what you think, and if you have any other tips and tricks that our readers might find useful when trying to reduce costs, please share your words of wisdom with us.

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