LED marker lights for safer driving

LED marker lights are crucial pieces of equipment for semitrucks. Your safety and the safety of everyone else on the roads depends on other drivers being able to see your truck in the middle of a thunderstorm, during a foggy morning or late at night. Here are some popular marker lights that will guarantee you’re seen.


Ultrathin Spyder LED Marker Lights are inexpensive but give off a ton of light. Each light has 12 diodes, and the lens is surrounded by a stainless steel ring, adding extra protection. The lenses come in amber, red and clear, and the bulbs come in amber and red. Each light is six inches long and just over two inches wide. The red lights have plugs with two prongs, while the amber lights’ plugs are double bullet. These are sold individually.


Versa-Glow LED Marker Light Strips are some of the brightest and most unique Iowa 80 semitruck accessories. There are six neon colors to choose from, from amber to pink. Brightness is not an issue since each meter has 162 diodes. Each strip has two wires and is 24 inches long, but you can order custom sizes to fit your truck. The strips are flush mount, and you can snap them in a channel that has chrome ends. The strips are sold individually, which makes it possible to mix and match colors.


With their red and amber bulbs and red, amber and clear lenses, these lights really do resemble fire and ice. Each light has 12 diodes. They are sold individually and come with the necessary tools for installation. A stainless steel ring surrounds the light, and the dimensions of one light are about six inches long and almost two inches wide. These lights are affordable and bright as flames.

These marker lights are all effective, and there is one for every truck. Put safety first and order yours today.

Photo Credit: Volvo

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