Inexpensive ways to give your car a facelift

Manufacturers often announce that they’re updating the chassis of their vehicles or “giving them a facelift,” as if cars age the same way as people. But invariably, vehicles look better after having had their appearance change than they did before.

The original Tesla Model S, for instance, had an oval “grille” at the front to make it more reminiscent of the gas cars people were used to. But a couple of years later, the company ditched the aesthetic, upgrading it with a plain bumper that was not only cheaper but looked better too.

Audi has done the same thing over the years with the TT. The original version of the vehicle was too bubble-like for some. But with changes to the chassis and improved components, the car looks much sportier and better than it did before while keeping its classic design language.

It’s unlikely that you’re going to be able to give your vehicle’s chassis an overhaul. But there are a variety of inexpensive things that you can do to give your car a facelift. Check them out below.


Window tinting has always been cool. It helps give you privacy and almost immediately improves the aesthetics of your vehicle. But it’s also a great way to update faded or cracked windows on older cars. Companies, like Auto Glass & Tint Co Phoenix, can provide advice on how to go about tinting your particular vehicle, and which level of tint you should choose.


Manufacturer-supplied steering wheels do the job, but they’re not exactly exciting. Most of the time, they’re just black, leather-clad wheels with no personality whatsoever.

Third-party steering wheels are a different story.  They come with premium materials, flashy logos, and better ergonomics. A new steering wheel will not only make your car look better on the inside, but also help make the driving experience more enjoyable.


Getting a new paint job on your car is costly. Often, you can’t get the color you want without going through the expensive process of removing the paint on the base layer. It’s time-consuming, expensive and doesn’t yield great results.

Vinyl wraps are different. Not only can you apply them on top of your existing paint job, but a vinyl wrap can have any aesthetic you want. You can get both plain and patterned wraps or wraps with a unique design, customized to your preferences.


Regular headlamps are starting to look quite dated. The modern preference is for pearly white lights that emit light from a focused source, not a diffuse one.

Upgrading your car headlamps can be one of the best things that you can do to improve the overall look of your vehicle. LED or xenon bulbs are both affordable and provide effective lighting while out on the road.


You don’t have to replace your existing seats to upgrade your car’s interior: all you need do is cover them with a custom seat cover. Covers allow you to conceal faded upholstery and boost your interior space.

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