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The phrase ‘pimp my ride’ is something that became known from the MTV back in the day, hosted by rapper Xzibit. It was aired almost two decades ago, the show saw quite a lot of people having their cars converted and changed from broken down rusty cars to things that came out looking like new, and perhaps a little outrageous and bold. Pimping your ride doesn’t mean that you have to install games consoles everywhere or paint lightning bolts on the car. You can ‘pimp your ride’ in some more subtle ways that really suit your lifestyle, preferences, and likes, without it taking a lot of money to do so. So here are some ideas and inspiration of things that you could do to add some color to your car and make it your own.


One simple thing that you could do to the exterior of your car is all that you could need to make a big difference to how your car looks. For instance, your main car badge might not reflect the rest of the colors of the car, so you could think about ordering a new badge for your car, but make it custom. You can get them online, and even from sites like eBay. Then you could easily take it to your local auto shop who would be able to respray the badge in the finish that you are looking for.


Tinting your windows are something that is pretty standard for anyone that wants to change up the look of their car. However, there are rules as to how dark you are able to tint your windows, depending on the country in which you live. But even tinted at the darkest legal level can make your car look different, look cooler, and even help it to be cooler, quite literally.


If you want to bling up your car or truck, then have you thought about adding in some extra lights to your car? For trucks and 4-wheel-drive cars, extra lights across the top of a roll cage can look good, as well as serve a practical function. You can get all sorts of 4WD accessories so it is a good idea to look out for what you want and see what could make a difference to your car. Interior lights could also be an idea, but as long as they are not used when in motion.


If you think of pimping your vehicle, then booming some sound out of your boot is something that can often spring to mind. And that can be fine for some, though a heavy base for your car isn’t going to be for everyone, as it can get attention from others and passers by. What you can do will depend on your car’s current music system, but you could look to change or update what you have. You could just change the speakers for a subtle change that will feel like a party every time you get in the car.

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