Going with two wheels: the peak of freedom

You have always wondered what it would be like to ride a motorcycle.  

The need for speed.  

The thrill of the ride.  

But, then the nerves kick in and you snap yourself back to reality that a motorcycle is not for you.  But, you are wrong.

A motorcycle is for you and it is time to make the switch.  Still unsure? Here are several reasons why you are the perfect candidate for a motorcycle.


Owning a motorcycle may be cheaper than you think. Like purchasing cars, the higher the end, the higher the price.  But there are many reasonable options out there for motorcycles, especially if this is your first purchase. Motorcycle prices is a great online tool that you can use to compare prices of bikes.  This allows you the opportunity to view the different kinds of options you have and make a decision that is most feasible for you.

How wide do your eyes get when you fill up your SUV with gas and see the final price?  Gas prices these days are astronomical. Owning a bike is cheaper in terms of fuel efficiency.  You get more bang for your buck (in terms of mileage) with driving a motorcycle. Most bikes are between 40-60 miles per gallon.  This will require less trips to the gas station and less visits from your credit card.

For you environmentalists, owning a bike is also helping the environment.  With making those fewer trips to the gas station, you are helping to preserve our environment.  By reducing your carbon footprint, you’ll be benefiting our environment.


Do you ever dread parking your large vehicle?  Not a worry with a motorcycle. You can park with ease and even parallel park without fear of hitting the car in front or behind you.  Stroll up and down those parking lots with confidence and find the space that works for you.

It is also easier at home to park your motorcycle.  You won’t be taking up all the room in the garage that a car does.  You can have a functional garage that can be used for other purposes in addition to parking cars.


This one can be a hard sell if you don’t look deeper into the benefits of motorcycles.  People have the idea that motorcyclists are reckless on the roads as they burn rubber to blast by you on the highway.  However, think about some of the differences between driving a car and driving a motorcycle.

How many motorcyclists do you see texting and driving?  When operating a motorcycle, you don’t have that dangerous luxury.  The amount of accidents today caused by texting and driving continues to be on the rise.  Motorcyclists need to have both hands fully engaged or else the motorcycle will crash.

Operating a motorcycle is also going to make you much more aware of your surroundings.  People who ride motorcycles understand how vulnerable they are to getting hurt, so they take extra precaution in viewing what is around them.  Being exposed without any surrounding protection will ultimately make you more protective of yourself. You will also outfit yourself with the safest gear possible to help you in the event of an accident.

And, think of how many times you’ve driven a car near a motorcycle.  Aren’t you more aware of staying clear and not getting too close to them, as opposed to other cars?


Owning and driving a motorcycle makes you a part of a unique brotherhood/sisterhood of riders.  Motorcyclists look out for each other and, in many instances, travel in packs. Just like the Jeep community, motorcyclists acknowledge each other on the road.  You will always have a friend out there with you.

This is a great way to meet new friends.  If you are shy or reserved about going out, there are so many motorcycle groups and events around that you will find yourself immersed in the group setting.  

It is also a great way to go on a date.  It is the perfect way to snuggle up to one another out on the road.  You will instantly gain a connection with each other as you hold on tight flying down the highway.  Sunset up ahead—how romantic is that?


Finding affordable motorcycle insurance can be challenging at times, especially since a lot of insurance companies fear the dangers of motorcycles.  Companies such as The Insurance Doctors (located in the Virginia/Carolina region) will help you navigate your search online for the right insurance for you.  They will work directly with you to find the most affordable insurance that pertains directly to your needs.

Many of these companies will help you find discounts and point you in the right direction for all of your insurance needs.  Companies like this exist throughout the country, so be sure to do your homework for the right fit for you.


Undoubtedly, when you think of motorcycles, you think of speed.  Typically, people don’t purchase a motorcycle for casually driving around.  There is a sense of thrill. CarFanatics emphasize this thrill.  They point out the emotional well being of people who are stuck in traffic.

There is nothing more frustrating then seeing red lights ahead and bumper to bumper traffic.  Because of its compact size, having a motorcycle can allow you the opportunity to weave in and out of traffic, thus getting you to your destination quicker.

And back to that thrill factor.  As with driving a car, the more you drive, the more comfortable you will be.  The more you take yourself out onto the road with your bike, the more at ease you’ll feel navigating your way on the roads. And, with a wide-open road, you may gas it up a little more to get the full experience.  


There is no better stress reducer than the great outdoors.  Getting on your bike and exploring the world is the perfect way to relieve some of your everyday stress.  Of course, you need to keep an eye on the weather, but you can quickly dart out of the elements if need be.  Getting that fresh air will provide you with that sense of relief you’ve been desperately searching for.


Motorcycles tend to hold their value more than cars.  They are also very accessible to customization. You can add many cool gadgets and gizmos to your bike to really personalize it and make it stand out from the rest.  And, when that time comes that you want to sell your bike for something different, people will be attracted to purchasing your bike for a very reasonable price.

They are much easier to clean then cars, so you’ll always be able to keep it clean and shiny. The more you take care of your bike (like a car), the easier it will be to sell when the time comes.


Whatever your reason may be, if you are thinking about it, you probably want to ride a motorcycle.  School yourself on the ins and outs of riding and educate yourself about what kind of bike you want.  Talk to motorcycle owners and figure out what the best fit for you is. Take many test drives to be sure you are comfortable with your decision.  It is not something you want to jump into if you are unsure of what you are doing. Your gut instinct, ultimately, will tell you if this is the right move for you.

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