Growing: When it’s time to invest in a suitable family car

There comes a time in a lot of people’s lives, when it’s time to add a family-friendly car to their garage or driveway. And, whether that means saying goodbye to your current beloved wheels, or, if you’re lucky, saying hello to an additional vehicle in your household; you’ll want to make the right choice for your growing family. Choosing a car for any reason takes careful thought and attention, and when it comes to picking a family-friendly vehicle; you’ll need to take even more into consideration. Therefore, it’s worth taking the time now, to ensure that you’re making a smart choice regarding your budget, your needs, and your lifestyle. This will hep prevent any regrets or costly mistakes, which you can afford even less, now that you’re embarking on (expensive) parenthood.

Don’t worry, you might feel overwhelmed, having never looked into this area of the car market before. However, every parent has found themselves in the same boat at some point, and, there are plenty of ways to ensure you make the right choice. So, it’s time to start writing a list, and taking it to your chosen car dealerships so that you can tick things off. A little research into favored models, and taking all your new needs into consideration, will mean that you invest in a car you can rely on, and it’ll assist you with family life. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and advice, for those who are looking for their ideal family car, having never chosen one before, and who wants to make parenthood a bit less challenging (a little bit).


The main thing that people need to upgrade, when it comes to changing their car for something more family-friendly, is the room inside the car. You’re going to need a lot more space, because you’re bound to fill it with ease (yes, even with one extra little person on board). Therefore, when you go to check out new or used cars for your family, it’s worth getting in the back, and not just checking out the front seats. Make sure the driving seat is as far back as you and your partner will need it, then you’ll need to ensure that a baby, toddler, or child seat, can fit comfortably behind it, with room to spare.

Next, you’ll want to open-up the trunk. This is where you’ll need a lot of space. You’ll have a pram to fold-up and put in the back, bags full of all the things your little one(s) need, and, there’ll be things like the weekly shop on top of that. If you’re heading on vacation, via the road, anytime, you’ll also need room for your luggage. There’ll also be those who add another little person to the gang, and, then there are those who have dogs too. So, after you’ve read all that, and taken a breathe, don’t panic; there are plenty of car manufacturers who have taken all this into consideration for you, and there’ll be a range of vehicles to choose from as a result.

With all those accessories and equipment to consider; it’s always helpful for your car to have little storage solutions within the interior too. You might need a roomy glove compartment so that you can store books, snack, and wipes. Cup and bottle holders are crucial, to help avoid spillages (which are inevitable, by the way). Having pockets for toys and books, on the back of the driver and passenger seat, will allow your little one to access things, without demanding them from the front of the car. Therefore, head inside the car before you make any buying decisions, front and back, and check out the interior space and storage room so that you can be confident everything will fit inside comfortably for the years ahead.


You’ll never have considered safety quite so much, as when you have kids. Therefore, it’ll be a priority when you’re purchasing your family’s vehicle. There are an array of things that you can check off your list when you arrive at a dealership; this is’t a time to compromise, so be vigilant and firm. An obviously one is the airbags situation; advanced airbags are great for saving lives and preventing injury, should there be an accident. They have sensors that can detect a passengers size, where and how they’re sitting, and the severity of the impact, so, they can assess the size of inflation. Many modern family cars will have this feature, so it’s worth looking-out for.

If you are buying an older, used car, make sure that it has anti-lock brakes. An anti-lock brake system is non-negotiable in any vehicle. They can prevent a driver from skidding, and gives them far better control of the car, should anything happen. A rear view camera can help with a lot of larger family vehicles like SUVs or 4x4s; it can sometimes be a little challenging to spot what’s happening, or who is, behind you on the road. A rear view camera is a feature that will bring the driver peace of mind, for a calm and relaxed family trip. Bluetooth or interior wifi may not seem like a necessary safety addition; however you might need to make or take an emergency call, hands-free, so it’ll come in handy on more than one occasion.  


Although Nappa, punch-hole leather, might look beautiful, along with embroidered headrests, and cream upholstery; these are unlikely to withstand the impact of family life. You’ll need colors and materials that can take muddy shoes, sticky fingers, and plenty of food and drink spillages. You’ll also want to be able to wipe and vacuum all the surfaces with ease, without taking the fabric or materials into consideration. Strong surfaces can also withstand kicks, bumps, and scratches, that are part and parcel of kids, and families, in cars. So, your vehicle interior isn’t something you can choose, just for its aesthetic appeal.

Now, grab your list, and get car hunting; have fun!

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