2019 Lexus RC F 10th Anniversary Edition

2019 Lexus RC F 10th Anniversary Edition

Anniversaries make for a jubilant celebration, and Lexus is certainly not one to miss a great occasion. The “F” badge has met and exceeded expectations, so unveiling the 2019 Lexus RC F 10th Anniversary Edition makes all the sense in the world. The production run is limited to only 240 cars, so buyers will have to shell out a $16,160 premium to snag one. What will be included in the $80,810 car? Glad you asked. The 10th Anniversary package alone is $9,000, and the rare top-of-the-line RC F will also feature the Performance Package, Triple Beam headlights and Intuitive Park Assist.


The RC F 10th Anniversary Edition features a unique paint exterior, matte finish Nebula Gray, which is nicely juxtaposed against the 19-inch black polished BBS wheels. The car’s outfitted with Michelin Pilot Super Sports tires and blue painted brake calipers from Brembo, which are absolutely the kind of spicy additions you’d like to see in an anniversary car.

Lexus keeps up the custom luxury motif with the interior. The RC F coupe features front seats with blue leather and white accents, paired with a blue accented shift knob, steering wheel and instrument panel hood. The embossed headliner is a nice touch of customization, and essentially stamps the rare, limited-run prestige that comes with ownership of this Lexus coupe.


The RC F coupe has anEPA ratings of 16 mpg city, and 25 mpg highway, which average to 19 mpg combined.


Under the hood of the RC F coupe is a 5.0-liter V-8 engine, which generates 467 hp and 389 lb.-ft. of torque. This power, distributed to the rear wheels through an 8-speed automatic transmission, results in a 0-60 mph sprint in just 4.3 seconds.  

The coupe’s rev ranges up to 7,300 rpm, and around 3,500 rpm, you can expect to hear the intake howl, which is aided by digital synthetics. Power is finessed and distributed throughout the gears, which more than makes up for this coupe ceding some straight-line speed. In other words: It’s not designed to be super fast, but it’s fast enough.

Balance is the epitome of this car’s DNA, which is to say that you get the road grip and ride comfort in equal doses. The coupe absorbs sudden bumps in the road and conquers uneven terrain with confidence. Cornering is deftly handled, with body roll almost nonexistent. The key to the powertrain is in the handle on the torque shuffling sports differential, and the solid 53/47 weight split.  

The coupe’s modes each fulfill a specific function. With Eco mode, you get a bump in fuel efficiency — albeit at the expense of horsepower and acceleration. We were fond of Sport, Sport +, of course. Whether you use the gas pedal or the wheel-mount shifter, the ESP system on board is a trusty safeguard. It kicks in when necessary, ensuring the speed demon spirit doesn’t take over our common sense.

The RC F coupe squeezes in serious power, starting at 3,500 rpm when the induction howl is first heard. Power continues to build up to 6,000 rpm range, with a steadiness and assuredness that makes up for the lack of a turbo engine. Make no mistake: this Lexus can brake very effectively and efficiently. The Pilot Super Sports tires and ABS brakes have reproduced 34m stops from highway speeds.


What we liked: What’s not to like about the exterior of the 2019 Lexus RC F 10th Anniversary Edition? The matte Nebula Gray finish is rare — last Lexus to sport it was the LFA. Another positive is that this $80K car has Apple CarPlay (sure, 80 grand may seem like a lot, but this is a coupe for hardcore Lexus fanatics). The aggressive styling underscores the car’s performance and we certainly loved the blue carbon fiber and leather finish.

What we didn’t like: There is no manual option to choose from, so the 8-speed automatic transmission is the only choice by default. The RC F coupe’s infotainment system is just sufficient, and could be improved.


There are some heavy-hitters in the sports coupe segment, sure to challenge Lexus RC F in every way. The BMW 4 Series, which evolved from the 3 Series, is more or less the leader of the class. The RC F carries a lower base price than the 4 Series, but also notches lower fuel economy. Also in the category, the RC F competes against the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, the Infiniti Q60 and the Audi A5.

The A5 is arguably the most tech-savvy of the bunch. Pricey and on the smaller end of the mid-size segment, the 2019 Mercedes-Benz C-Class stands out with safety features galore, a luxurious cockpit and the AMG performance DNA. In challenging these powerhouses, the RC F competes by striking the perfect balance of performance and comfort.

Photo Credit: Copyright 2019 Angel Mosqueda / Car Fanatics Blog

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