The beauty of biking: Would you give up your car for a motorcycle?

For some people, owning a car is crucial. You might need a car for work, or you might regularly carry passengers such as family members and children which wouldn’t be a possibility on a a bike. If you do lots of errands involving the car, such as grocery shopping or moving things from A to B then again, a bigger vehicle is going to be essential. However, if most of your journeys just involve you going to work, visiting friends or going places where it’s just you (or you and one other adult such as your partner) then have you thought about getting a bike instead? It might be far more doable than you realise, here are some reasons to consider it.


If money is a concern, it’s worth knowing that in general, biking will be cheaper than owning and running a car. Not only is the upfront cost of a motorcycle likely to be much lower, but you’ll use less fuel, repairs tend to be a lot cheaper and tax and insurance will also cost you less in comparison. Having a car is nice, but if you’re working all week just to pay for a car that’s pretty much only being used to drive you to work then maybe something isn’t quite right there. A vehicle that’s cheap to buy and cheap to run would be a great solution, and a bike could fit the bill perfectly.


Being stuck in traffic is never fun. Research shows that it’s bad for our overall wellbeing- it increases stress, the red light of brake lights can cause headaches and migraines and anything that involves being sat still in one place for a long time isn’t going to be much good for your body. When you have a motorbike, getting around can be quicker and easier due to the fact you can filter through traffic. Instead of waiting in a huge queue you can filter to the front and be off when the lights turn green.


One of the reasons you might be against the idea of getting a bike is safety. However, being on a motorcycle is far safer than you probably think. With full vision and the ability to hear better you can spot hazards more quickly, and other drivers are almost always curteous and cautious of bikes in the road. Purchase the right gear- bikers basics wear include a high quality motorbike helmet, jacket and trousers. Get the right training, and don’t get a bike more powerful than you’re comfortable with. As with driving a car, start small and build up your confidence. Drive at quieter times of day first and on familiar routes. In time, it will feel just as natural as hopping behind the wheel of a car.

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