Must-haves for new drivers

Getting your licence is an important right of passage, and for young drivers, it could be your first true taste of independence and responsibility. While it’s an exciting time, it’s also a good time to pick up some good driving habits and make sure that you’re prepared for everything that comes with driving and owning a car.

Take a look at these must-haves for new drivers to help prepare you for those early days on the road.


Passing your driving test doesn’t automatically make you a good driver. Being a good driver takes time and experience, and is something you won’t get overnight. Get out in different conditions and even have another driver sit in the car with you during those first weeks of driving to help you gain confidence. There are things you won’t learn in driving lessons so getting in some practice in those early days is important. If it’s been a while since you got your licence, you might want to think about some refresher lessons with an instructor to help you remember the basics.


It makes sense to start off your driving journey with an emergency kit in the trunk. There are different items you should keep in your emergency car kit, including a first aid box, some reflectors and jumper cables. Keeping a map, some sensible walking shoes, warm clothing and dried food and bottled water can all be valuable if you need to leave your car for any reason. Your kit should always stay in the truck and should be checked regularly to ensure you have what you need.


You never know who you might need to call on the road. We rely so much on cell phones these days, but would you know who to call if you had an accident on the road and a dead cell battery? While you can buy portable chargers, etc., it doesn’t hurt to have an emergency contacts book to hand. Keep handy numbers like a towing service, your insurance company and other contacts such as your family in your glove compartment so that you always have the right numbers to call. Driving can sometimes be unpredictable, so you need to be prepared.


As well as the more practical must-haves, it also helps to have some items in your car that help make driving more comfortable and enjoyable. A good sound system makes a great start, although be sure to keep the noise down. A GPS system is ideal for helping you find your way around, while a dash cam can also help you out in case you suffer some kind of accident. Having some driving shoes, sunglasses, etc. can make your driving experience more comfortable and help you make the most of driving too.

Making sure you have everything you need while you’re on the road will help make you a safer and more capable driver, ready to handle anything. Most importantly, you should always be safe on the road, so use these early days to develop good habits that will make you a skilled and competent driver.

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