4 Jobs For People Who Love Cars

Some people are just born to spend their time around cars. If you’ve got a fascination with vehicles and everything that they entail, then you don’t want to limit your time to just spending your weekends with your car. You want to spend all your time working with them! After all, they say that you should build what you do for a living on the thing that you’re most passionate about. If you love cars, then, well, it makes sense to find a job that involves working with them in some way. We take a look at five examples of car-related jobs below.   


Some people like the freedom that a car gives them. Others like the shape and design of vehicles. Others yet get their kicks from the engineering aspect of automobiles, the intricate details that are going on under the hood. If you fall into that category, then why not look at becoming a mechanic? Cars will always need repairing, so it’s a stable job, at least compared to other jobs out there. Plus, you’ll get to know cars in a detailed way. It’s the ideal option for car lovers who like the challenge of figuring things out.


Some people like the mechanics that make the car run; other people are more “all-rounders,” people who like everything to do with cars. If you fall into this category, and also enjoy talking with other people, then why not make a career from buying and selling cars? It’s relatively easy to get underway. You can start just by buying an old car then flipping it for profit, though you’ll want to compare traders policy so that you’re covered in case something goes wrong. You’ll come across plenty of interesting cars during the course of your job!


If it’s more the being behind the wheel aspect that you enjoy about cars, then why not become a driver? Now, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to enter into a Formula 1 competition (but who knows for sure?), but there are plenty of jobs that involve driving. The most enjoyable will likely be being a private driver for someone else. You’ll have a nice set of wheels, you can build a relationship with your employer, and so on.


People enjoy cars in all aspects. They like being behind the wheel, but they get just as much enjoyment from reading up on the latest news and reviews. As such, there’s a big demand for writers who specialize in the driving niche. If you’ve got a way with words, then why not look at going down this route? It’s best if you start with your own blog so that you get used to the process of writing about cars. Once you’ve found your style, it’ll be all about applying for car related websites and magazines as a writer.

Make cars your day job, and you’ll spend your days with what you love, and make money from it.

 Photo Credit: Copyright 2019 Victor Mosqueda / Car Fanatics Blog

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