Forget taking the high road, take the off road

Sports cars, the need for speed, and finding opportunities to flex your motor’s horsepower are what petrol heads live for. When you get home from work, there’s nothing you love more than taking your set of wheels out for a spin. While some people enjoy baking, others adore painting, and some people head to the cinema to relax, driving is your pastime of choice. It can be easy to head out on the open road and enjoy some time behind the wheel. However, why not challenge yourself a little more and learn a whole new set of motoring skills? Heading off piste in a new vehicle could result in you learning to navigate an entirely different terrain. Take a look at why off roading could be your brand new hobby.


Before you head out to purchase the latest rugged 4×4 off the specialist forecourt, you should book yourself on to an off roading experience. These sessions give you ample opportunity to test out your skill set and work out whether you get the same adrenaline rush from navigating tricky boulders as you do from driving down the highway.

The experience can be slower and more strategic. You’ll need to overcome more problems and barriers to your driving. You might get stuck in the mud, find the terrain to rocky or feel isolated. These are the sorts of challenges that off roaders thrive on. Do you think you have what it takes?


While anyone can drive a car once they’ve passed their test, only a few ever venture off road. Before you begin any off road session, you’ll need some tuition from an expert to show you the ropes. At the very least they will demonstrate the sorts of off roading vehicle armor that your brute of a 4×4 may need to manage the terrain. Bumpers, fender flares and grid plates are all necessary to ensure that your vehicle’s undercarriage is protected and that you remain safe inside the cab.

You’ll need to learn a whole new set of handling skills, learn how to understand your traction control and know the importance of locking differential. Many people who off road hanker for a wet and windy day to add to the challenging conditions. If this sounds appealing, then off roading might be for you.


There is an element of danger in off roading because of its unpredictable nature. It’s vital that you stay as safe as possible and carry a first aid kit, glass cutters, blankets and food, and that you always have a fully charged phone to hand. You don’t want to be enjoying the off piste terrain traversing the mud, only to stumble across a water ford that you get stuck in. You need to have a clear head and think how you will overcome these challenges prior to setting off for your off roading adventure.

Off roading is a ridiculous amount of fun and will get your energy pumping. Forget taking the high road and take the off road instead.

Photo Credit: Copyright 2019 Victor Mosqueda / Car Fanatics Blog

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