CANTRA wants to keep you cool — all year long

CANTRA may be one letter different from ‘contra’ but you won’t find any contraband out of Russia with this car upholstery company. One word defines whether there this smart investment into your car decor merits attention: Obsolescence. That’s what this company brings to the table. The company’s products are also going to help preserve your car and lessen discoloration.

For the U.S. motorists who may be interested, CANTRA is very ready to ship out orders expediently. CANTRA is positioning to offer its products in the U.S. market with a Los Angeles warehouse opened in 2015. It also has offices in Belarus, the Czech Republic, Germany and Ukraine.  

One enticing highlight is that the quality and longevity of this product are backed by the workforce of some 40 detail-oriented seamstresses that hand-stitch and manufacture in Almaty.


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Hey, guys! Look at these premium handmade seat covers by @cantra.usa! Now they are available in the U.S. too! _ So there are 5 reasons to choose this seat covers for your car: 1) The highest handmade quality with 5 years warranty. 2) Makes your car’s interior looks great and stylish. 3) Protects your seats from obsolescence and discoloration (they are fully machine washable). 4) Protects you from unpleasant sensations in summer (sticking) and in winter (freezing) especially for car owners with a leather interior. 5) Simple to install only in 15 minutes. _ We have an exclusive deal only for followers of our account – 30% OFF for all Cantra Models! Use your promo code: CARF Go to

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Others pros for buying CANTRA are that the seats’ price points are affordable and thus, accessible to millennials, boomers and really anyone who has a newer model vehicle (old school heads with worn seats can apply, too). Full Z-Model front seat cover ($99) and the X-Model back seat cover ($109) can be bought as a set for $208.

Installation is quick and easy with the only caveat being that it differs on a car-to-car basis. It took us about 20 minutes more than the average setup time of 10 minutes to get these seat covers installed in a 2013 Buick Verano.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons to Love CANTRA Seat Covers:

  1. The seat covers are handmade in Kazakhstan with quality material and covered by a 5-year warranty.

  2. The upholstery will refresh and reset your car’s interior, giving off rejuvenated vibes to you and your passengers.

  3. Obsolescence and discoloration are non-factors with CANTRA seat covers. There is no place for torn seat covers and ugly discoloration. Plus, CANTRA seat covers can be machine-washed.

  4. The seat covers adapt to hot summers and frigid winters. The weather-proof detail ensures they don’t stick in the summer or feel uncomfortable in the colder months.

  5. Installations takes roughly 15 minutes.

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