Autonomous Tesla crash linked to the Summon feature

Tesla Model S

Jared Overton, a Tesla owner out of Utah, had crashed his car into a parked trailer. Not exactly earth-shattering news, except the Tesla crashed into it without him behind the wheel.

Overton contends that it happened on its own, without any promptings from him (essentially blaming the vehicle itself). Tesla, on the other hand, respectfully disagrees.

And it has the data to back it up.

This all revolves around the Summon feature, which when activated, will bring the vehicle to their owner. Tesla claims that Overton (may have inadvertently) activated Summon, presuming when exiting the vehicle. Overton disagrees, although there are several prompts to the driver to cancel the feature, in the event that it is (accidentally) turned on.

Where it went off the rails is that the Summon feature should be defeated if it doesn’t detect an object in its path. While it can be argued that Summon should be able to detect it on its own, apparently we’re not at that point just yet…so for now, driver interaction is still needed.

No one really knows what the outcome will be, but Tesla being armed with a mountain of data backing up its stance on the issue, more than likely this will be settled in an amicable fashion.

Photo Credit: Tesla Motors

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