Radio Flyer scales down the Tesla Model S for future enthusiasts

Tesla Model S

Radio Flyer, well-known for its iconic little red wagon, has jumped into the EV game with both feet, hoping to appeal to a “smaller” demographic.

But don’t look for them to compete with the likes of GM and Nissan just yet.

Rather than go toe-to-toe with Detroit and Japan, respectively, Radio Flyer is rolling out a scaled-down version (formally known as a “ride-on”) of the Tesla Model S for kids. What separates this from the other “micro EVs” that you’ll typically find in the big-box stores is the sheer level of customization available for your future enthusiast(s).

For starters, you can pop over to Radio Flyer’s new site and begin the process of customizing your next Tesla. From selecting the paint color to upgrading the performance, there are a wealth of options available at your fingertips. In addition to upgrading to a larger battery for extended range, you can also purchase spare batteries for quick change-outs, so that your little eco-enthusiast can enjoy his or her’s micro EV while the other battery is charging. You can also pick two different wheel finishes, indoor car cover, and even have a personalized sign and license plate (limited to 10 characters).

Standard features include a sizable interior, forward and reverse, and even a sound system with a remote. Customers can pre-order the Radio Flyer Tesla Model S immediately, with completed vehicles scheduled to roll out in May of this year. Prices start at $499 before adding any options.

Can Radio Flyer shake up the ride-on industry and force their new competitors to up their game? Only time will tell of the market will accept a pricer option.

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